Soul Stories: Rennie Foster

Soul Stories: Rennie Foster

Successful Canadian DJ, Music Artist and Producer, Rennie Foster shares his journey to doing his life's passion.

Rennie Foster has been living his dreams for over 30 years now.  From the time he was a teenager in Canada, Rennie influenced many as an early pioneer of the Hip-Hop / B-Boy movement and later the House Music and Techno / Rave scene. His musical career began as a member of "Sound Advice", one of the first Hip Hop groups to emerge in the late 80's from Western Canada. Members of this group went on to form the Juno Award-winning act "Swollen Members", and Rennie went on to create a prolific solo career focused on underground dance music. (courtesy of Rennie Foster-Soundcloud

"Attached to each piece of music here, there is a story, sometimes several. The album explores my thoughts and ideas about the state of civilization, and the interconnected role that music, the shaman, and dance ritual, continue to play in the shaping of reality over time.

It also examines the physical stories about life as an obsessed artist, a seeker, a dedicated father, and a warrior stalking the terrain of ideas and technology.

Intricately designed to blur the boundaries of preconceived definitions, the tracks are not intended to fit into a popular dance-floor genre, but rather to de-occult the sub-cultural connections that run deeply through all spirits of the underground.

Initially, the message of unity is at the fore of the album's presentation, while multiple listens will allow obscured messages to emerge and reveal themselves, depending on the willingness and interest of the listener."

You can listen to the latest release by clicking on the cover art below:

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