Soulivity Travels: Packing for a Safari!

Soulivity Travels: Packing for a Safari!

Going on a Safari for the first time can be exciting and exhilarating…and then there's the packing.

Most people plan months, or even years, in advance for this type of trip. However, mine came together in under a month, and I only had about three weeks to get all my gear in order! I had so many questions that needed answers. I panicked a bit because I needed many new things, as Safari is a different animal altogether (pun intended). So, this post is to help my fellow travelers, and (hopefully) take some stress out of the planning. For reference, I was on Safari for ten days, during Spring, and visited Kenya and Tanzania.


I recommend you bring a soft-sided, non-rolling, and easy to carry duffle so that your pack can fit comfortably on the small bush planes – there is a 33 lbs (15 kgs) maximum weight limit for baggage, including hand luggage and camera gear. However, I saw many people with wheeled bags, and I swapped my main carry-on pack for a lightweight spinner when I got to Nairobi. Please note that weight limit is preferred, and if you go over, you will pay a fee.

If you like to check your bags, and wheels don't matter to you, check out Sky Train Backpack Hybrid from Red Oxx. This bag was my original main carry-on pack: you can carry it as a duffle or backpack, and the straps are nicely padded. The only caveat is that it weighs 4lbs before packing.

For a smaller personal carry-on, try the LeSportsac Medium Weekender. It's lightweight, with lockable zippers. It also packs down, and holds a lot of stuff! For a day bag, the Baggalini Cross Body packed flat in my main bag and was lightweight.


The first thing you should know is the vaccine for Yellow Fever is mandatory. So, make sure you are properly vaccinated.

When I arrived, personnel at the entry point to Tanzania requested my International Health Card.
Even though I brought Malarone (anti-malaria pills), my body did not respond well to it. After two days, I stopped taking them so I could enjoy my trip. I'd recommend to either take them with a BIG meal or not at all. Cipro did come in handy, and I wish I brought it on all my game drives!

Passport Health clinics are perfect for travelers. Check if one exists in your area!


Bring as little as possible!

Suggested colors: Neutral earth tones – Olive, Khaki, Brown

Here's my recommended packing list:

3 Pants – two pants/1 pair of jeans (not for Safari)
3 Long-sleeve shirts – you don't need specific insect-repellant clothing.
4 T-shirts/tops – both casual and dressy ones.
2 Bras – bralettes
3 Socks
8 Pairs Underwear
1 Pajama set
1 Hipknotie – a convertible scarf/skirt/top
1 Swimsuit
1 Ultra Light Down Jacket
3 Flip-Flop/Slippers/Sandal – I packed one sturdy flip-flop with a durable sole and a crystal flip-flop as my sandal. However, I wished I brought a cuter shoe, as well.

On the plane, I wore a sports bra, tank top, long-sleeve top, lightweight pants, ankle socks, and a sweater/fleece.


5 – 1oz Nalgene leakproof containers and filled them with hair product, sunscreen, and other necessities
2 – 2oz containers for unscented body cream (I'll be in many dry locations.)
1 – 10ml Roll-on SkeeterBeater Insect Gel (all natural, no DEET)
Toothpaste, Face Cream, Face Serum, Lavender Oil, Clear Nail Polish

For Cleaning Up

Lavender Wipes
Face/Eye Cleansing Wipes


Superzoom Camera
Binoculars – these weren't needed as all the camps I stayed in had binoculars I could use.
2-Outlet International Travel Adapter

Packing Tips

I rolled my clothes in tissue paper and put them in Gallon-size Ziploc bags. I compressed all the air out the bags and placed the sealed bags into Eagle Creek Compression bags to keep everything organized. All my loose and smaller items were in smaller Ziploc bags, and I did the same – squeeze all the air out and place them in Eagle Creek packing cubes. I used Think Tank Photo Cable Management cases to organize my electronic gear.

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Stay tuned, as next month I'll share my fantastic experiences with Game Drives!

Happy Travels!

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