The Arrogant Bloom of Yerka Espinoza

The Arrogant Bloom of Yerka Espinoza

When someone is doing what they love, you always take notice.  

B. W. Johnson, Managing Editor

This is especially true with Yerka Espinoza and her business, The Arrogant Bloom.  Soulivity wanted to know where this adventure began and how it feels for her to be doing this work.  Enjoy and be inspired.

When and where did your love of flowers and plants begin?

My love for it started back home, Chile.  My mom always loved to have plants at home, and she gave me books on how to make floral arrangements as a gift. Later, my circumstances brought me to work in New York doing flower deliveries as my first job. Then, I discovered my innate ability to make floral arrangements. Consequently, I was also doing plant maintenance around the city which gave me a lot of knowledge about indoor and outdoor plants.

Where did you learn about the art of flower arrangement?

Yerka Espinoza
Yerka Espinoza

New York was where I honed my technique to arrange flowers. My love and passion felt so profound that came to the point that I realized it wasn't just a job. I was creating something beautiful for others to enjoy as I was happy doing it too.

When and where was your first experience doing what you love?

I worked ten years for a floral design company here in New York. While the company grew and I was got better at my passion, I did not gain financially.  One day, I realized how important it was to work for your dreams and not somebody else's.

Tell us about Arrogant Bloom.  What is its mission? What are some of your notable clients?

The Arrogant Bloom is high-end floral design and event company, focused on the highest quality products and service. We do this by cutting out the "middleman" and going straight to wholesalers, choosing the freshest products from all over the world. The mission is to provide a luxury service to all our clientele – that means the providing the highest standards and services 24/7.

We provide weekly flowers to corporate offices, and fashion designers and private clients including Elizabeth Segerstrom, Vince Camuto, and Norton Rose Fulbright to name a few.

What does the word "passion" mean to you and your business?

Passion is my driven word that inspires me to create a unique piece and make it so special, as the intention formed to fulfill a purpose.  The experience of seeing people react when they get flowers is a priceless way for me in sharing love and happiness.

What does the word "purpose" mean to you, personally?

Purpose means being part of the love circle.

Some of the beautiful works from The Arrogant Bloom

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