Here are some great steps to communicating better with your partner!

Do you want to know the three simple steps every couple needs to create a loving connection?

If you’re a married, engaged or unmarried couple who wants to create a loving connection without constant conflict, then you need to read this immediately to get started correctly with your communication efforts.

Step #1: Get the Big Picture with a Couple’s Communication Profile

Sydney J. Harris once said:

“Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine you automatically deserves great success in any field of activity, yet almost everyone believes you automatically deserves success in marriage.”

It’s hard to get where you want to go without knowing where you are and then having a map.

Our Couple’s Communication Profile helps you see where you are stuck and gives you tools to communicate more lovingly.

Step #2: Decide to Create a More Loving Connection

This thought may sound a bit obvious and silly, but it is crucial to creating a more loving connection.

By failing to decide to create a more loving connection, couples decide to keep things just the way they are right now.

The decision to create a more loving connection comes in 2 parts:

Part 1 – The first brave decision together to improve your communication.

Part 2 – The daily decision to establish a more loving connection with your communication.

Step #3: Get the Communicate to Connect Workshop

The Communicate to Connect Workshop provides practical tools for both men and women to be able to create a more loving connection.

When faced with communication challenges, did you know most couples turn away from each other instead of turning toward each other?

Don’t be most couples, because so many couples are miserable.

Choose to turn toward each other and discover how to create a more loving communication connection.

We’ll show you how!

Now that you’ve got the beginner steps for couples communication success down, we’d like to invite you to take the next action with our “Communicate to Connect Workshop.”

If you’re a married, engaged, or unmarried couples who want to feel closer to your partner without painful conflict, then our “Communicate to Connect Workshop” will help you to feel heard & understood AND help your partner feel heard & understood!

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To Your Relationship Success,

 Jesse and Melva Johnson

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