Up Close with D’angelo Thompson: Rodney Hughes!

Up Close with D’angelo Thompson: Rodney Hughes!

The perfume company founder shares how his dream was born and what it means to live his passion.

This month, we profile Rodney Hughes, founder of Therapeutate Parfums.  Established in 2007, his perfume company mission was built out of a purpose-driven concept for fragrances: "…our solution is to minus the aroma-chemicals and animal-by-products, then amp up the botanicals."  The result is a fragrance that can be worn and enjoyed by everyone.

This was personal for Rodney, as he was forced to stop wearing certain fragrances, due to his sensitivity to the chemicals used in making many fragrances. He found that research has shown that many consumers have had similar experiences while wearing or engaging with fragrance in their environments. 

Essentially, Therapeutate Parfums is the "100% Natural" option to other brands filled with aroma-chemicals, isolates, and animal by-products. They offer you an alternative to what is held up as conventional thinking, compare and decide for yourself. In contrast, they take it a leap forward by composed well-balanced, complex and completely botanical fragrances. Their brand is made using raw materials that are pure and natural. These ingredients are sourced from around the globe and harvested from the earth. Therapeutate Parfums

Rodney Hughes,
"Best Natural Perfumer."
."not just good, but rich, complex, balanced distinctive compositions made with hella good materials."
"a beautifully balanced blend and one of the most unique-smelling natural perfumes I've encountered in some time." 


You can find out more information about Therapeutate Parfums by visiting their website; and, following them on social media:

Twitter: therapeutate

D'angelo Thompson.  For over two decades, his mastery of beauty has made him one of the entertainment industry's most sought-after artisans.  John Oliver, Kevin Hart, Martha Wash, and "the Queen of Soul", Ms. Aretha Franklin, are just a few of his notable clients.  His work on "The Wendy Williams Show" earned him three Daytime Emmy nominations and a win in 2010.

As an author, mentor, educator, and philanthropist, D'angelo continues to push the boundaries of his commitment to his mission in life – to illuminate the beauty industry as a valuable artistic expression for all who experience it. Stay in touch with him via:

Twitter: dangelopresents or Instagram: dtbeauty71

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