Up Close with D’angelo Thompson: Jane A. Gordon!

Up Close with D’angelo Thompson: Jane A. Gordon!

The artist shares her journey to living a remarkable life.

About Jane A. Gordon

Jane A. Gordon is a jewelry designer, speaker, teacher, artist, and visionary, whose artful and unpredictable designs are the creative product of remarkable journeys (real world, emotional and spiritual).  This path led to a philosophy of life that together, we can make a quantum leap to a better world by igniting joy, success, leadership, and oneness, one person at a time.

Gordon's careers, adventures, and singular vision began in Main Line Philadelphia, where she was an odd kid who preferred books overplay. Growing up in a home and schools without rules, she was trained from a young age to question everything, (taking it to extremes at 14years old, boarding a plane and running away briefly to Puerto Rico). An acting audition landed her at Stella Adler in New York University, where she also studied comparative religion and experimental psychology. Curiosity about the world, a decision to be a leaf in the wind, embracing an adventurous personality, and life's vicissitudes brought her to live in NY, London, Geneva, Rome, Spain, and Palm Beach.  While working and traveling extensively throughout the world, she toured with rock and roll groups (including Earth Wind & Fire, and The Rolling Stones), was a consultant, did promotions, sold commercial real estate, created as an artist, mentored, and more. Gordon has explored the world for work and play, by land and sea on boats ranging from cruise ships to tiny racing sloops. (courtesy of Jane A. Gordon)

Her Life's Philosophy

It never entered her mind that being a female artist set her apart. For almost 15 years before accidentally discovering herself as an artist, Gordon was in the completely male-dominated field of New York City commercial real estate. In this environment, being a woman in a group of 3,000 men who without even realizing it, wanted to sexualize, infantilize, marginalize, or demean her.  Just as in judo, where one will use the other's force to flip the opponent easily, Gordon learned to hide her truest self; and, use those prejudices as negotiating tools.  Gordon never needed approval from others to break barriers, having had a role-model mother who was an architect, anthropologist, lawyer, and an incredibly talented artist.  As an artist, Gordon has learned to give herself away to find herself.  She seeks opportunity in challenges and loves to link people together, supporting each other's visions and goals by sharing resources in mutually beneficial collaborations.  Her advice to other women in the arts is to "Just do your best, don't compare yourself to others, try new things fearlessly, and never ask if you are good enough. You are!  Now create, and go out to find the people who love your work." (courtesy of Jane A. Gordon)


You can find out more information about Jane by visiting her website; and, following her on social media!

Jane A. Gordon Website: Jane A. Gordon

Facebook: Jane-A-Gordon

Instagram: @jane_a_gordon

Twitter: @janeagordon

D'angelo Thompson.  D'angelo Thompson is known for his mastery of beauty and quality aesthetic. He is also one of the entertainment industry's most sought-after artisans. Originally from Chicago, D'angelo always dreamed of one day taking the beauty industry by the reigns both nationally and internationally; and, in the past two decades, has done so in a phenomenal way. It is his personal vision to elevate his
profession by creating a global brand and community, empowering all to see and celebrate their beauty.

As a professional, D'angelo's expertise extends to beauty, bridal, editorial, commercial, film, TV and private clients. As hair and makeup artist for guests and celebrities on The Wendy Williams Show from 2008 – 2011, D'angelo earned three Daytime Emmy nominations with a win for "Guest Hair" in 2010. Most importantly, in over two decades, D'angelo has developed a body of work that classifies him in the A-list of beauty professionals.  He is currently working with Law & Order SVU (Seasons 17, 18 & 19), Blue Bloods (Season 8), Worst Cooks,/Celebrity, Joy Mangano/IDL, HSN and Pudding Boy Productions.  As an author, D'angelo's self-published lifestyle and beauty book entitled "Enhanced Beauty" (2016) continues to sell domestically and internationally.

Stay in touch with him:

Brand Ambassador, Owner of www.EnhancedBeauty.nyc

Twitter: dangelopresents | Instagram: dtbeauty71

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