Vacation Nightmares with Your Partner

Vacation Nightmares with Your Partner

Vacation with your loved peace and joy.

Vacations for most couples can either be fantastic or a disaster.  What's worse is most of us have no idea why it happens or what do, if your past getaways have been less than ideal.

We'd like to start by sharing a personal story:

Many years ago, we decided to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary by taking a two-week vacation to the islands of Hawaii—one week on Maui and another on Kauai.  Because we had never been on a vacation that for that long for that far, we were excited with dreams of a beautiful, romantic, tropical experience that would help "pick up" our relationship.

After weeks of expectation, finally, it was time to leave for Hawaii.  After picking up a rental car at the Maui airport, we proceeded driving to our reserved condo right on the Maui beach.  While in route, we had a huge argument (to this day, we can't even remember what it was about).  While we were driving through a vast and desolate pineapple field (that went for miles), Melva demanded the car be stopped so that she could be let her out.  We stopped, and she got out. After a few minutes, she calmed down enough to get back in the car, and we proceeded to our condo.

After arriving at the condo, we sat down together. And, by using some communication tools we had learned, we were able to work things out to the extent that we had a wonderful vacation.

But what if we had not learned how to communicate our differences effectively?  It's likely that we would have spent a painful, miserable two weeks, desperate to get back home.  The key to making the "shift" was the ability to talk things out in a way that created a win-win outcome for both.

Why is it that some couples have wonderful vacations and others don't?

Just about every couple wants a great vacation, and many do. However, fewer couples do not achieve the kind of satisfaction that they desire when on holiday together.  An important reason their desires do not meet their expectations is: they don't share their vision each other about what they'd like to experience on their vacation before they leave.

Three Tips To A Better Vacation

  1. Make and follow a plan. Each person shares what they are looking forward to on our vacation; then, create an itinerary that allows time for each person to experience those things.  For example, it is common one partner wants to rest and relax while the other may want to go sightseeing. Resolving these differences can be accomplished if you discuss them well in advance.
  2. Use the "couple's dialogue" to communicate and work through any conflicts.  And, continue the process until you can arrive at an agreement that is comfortable for both of you.
  3. Develop an "action plan" that both of you will use to support each other's vision for your "dream vacation."

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To Your Relationship Success,

 Melva and Jesse

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