Life Through a Lens: Why We All Need To Start Taking Photographs

Life Through a Lens: Why We All Need To Start Taking Photographs

Photography is one of those things that has always got a romanticism to it. And as photography slowly becomes one of the biggest habits around in the modern world because we've all got high-quality cameras on our phones, sometimes it benefits to remind us what photography really does for us. So let's take a few pictures and show everyone what they're missing out on.

It's Never Been Easier to Turn It Into a Hobby

The great thing about photography now is that there are so many apps out there, and as already mentioned, we all tend to have an amazing high-quality camera on our phones. But it's that fact that apps give you more in the way of creativity. For example, apps like GlueMotion help you make time-lapse images of your pictures, which just goes to show that there are so many ways you can get you engaged in it as a hobby.

It's Amazing For Self-Esteem

The modern world is full of stress and we need stress relievers and self-esteem boosters that don't just involve a few hours on a video game. We need something that truly engages our creativity. Because of all of that concentration that goes into taking a photo of a flower and the fact that you have to contort your body into so many different ways to get that ideal composition, the results are completely mind-blowing. And the fact is that you are incredibly proud of yourself when you take an image that people will compliment or it turns out better than you think it would.

It's an Amazing Hobby for Children

When they take pictures and they turn out amazing, taking them to the computer and making them look even better is just an amazing thing to see. Children can immerse themselves in this type of hobby which is going to engage their creative side but, more importantly, it's going to give them a sense of pride in the fact that they created something that they had to work hard for. Yes, the image was there and the circumstances were right, but the fact is that we always have to work hard to bring that image to life.

It's a Ticket to Immortality

One of the most wonderful things about photography is how they provide an insight into the past. Old images lurking at the bottom of a cardboard box in an attic allow you to look at a totally different existence when things were simpler (or harder, depending on the circumstances around that photo). And when you look at these old pictures of married couples in black and white you can't help but think about the lives these people really lead up until the moment that they posed for this photo. One of the most intriguing things about any old wedding photos is that they always look pretty miserable! Why is this? Maybe it was just the way people had to pose for photos but the fact is that when you look at photos of people from over 100 years ago, you can't help but try to put yourself in their shoes. Taking photos of ourselves now can do the same thing in the future. In a world where our great-great-grandchildren 100 years from now, they would look back in wonder if we had a simpler life.

It's an Amazing Way To Document Your Life

Some people don't like having their photos taken but when those people pass away, we always think it's such a shame that we didn't have more images of them. Documenting our lives is something that we should all do more often. You could argue that people are always documenting their lives now on social media, but instead of documenting it through hashtags and images of your food, think about the things that really matter. People, places, and sometimes just a look on someone's face can be a moment in time that we can look back on and think of a simpler existence.

We Need to Document Our Journey Through Life

Sometimes, we can forget how far we've come. When we go through tough times, sometimes the image can be the very distillation of something that we don't want to be ever again. And rather than thinking of this photo as a difficult thing to look at, instead, consider the documentation or the moment that you don't want to have ever again.

The Inspiration Factor

Of course, photography will inspire your imagination in so many ways. You can be a professional photographer of course and use the moments that present themselves as an opportunity to crystallize something in time forever. Wedding photos are a fantastic example of this because it's a moment of sheer happiness that you can have a key part in creating. But you can also use inspiration to create certain setups and images that almost becomes an art. Everybody who has ever become a videographer or a photographer has come from more artistic ambitions. And if you ever thought of pursuing photography, in many ways, a wedding photographer is an ideal role because it affords you that ability to earn while also being creative. It's completely possible for it to be a career choice, just as long as you have a passion for it.

It's a Gateway to Nature

Sometimes looking at life through a lens affords us the luxury of stopping and appreciating the beauty around us. Looking through a camera is one of the best ways for you to realize that you are small and insignificant when there is just so much beauty in the world. The art of a photo showing a rainbow permeating through a cloud can't help you but to think about your place in this world.


Photography does so much for the soul and as a modern hobby, it's something everybody has access to. So why don't we all start? It's only going to bring us benefits to our lives rather than any form of drawback- it really is good for the soul!

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