Soulivity Featured Artist: Sameer Kamal

Soulivity Featured Artist: Sameer Kamal

This week, Soulivity Magazine is pleased to feature photographer Sameer Kamal!

At first glance, the photography of Sameer Kamal invokes bold and vivid emotions.  Colors streak across each photo in a thought-provoking and pleasurable way.  Though you feel you are transported into the scene, there is still a sense that there is so much more to feel and experience.  Your eyes dance, your heart beats a bit faster, and peace is found.  What a wonderful way to enjoy life!

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Sameer Kamal was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya.  And now, he is based in Toronto, Canada. Though he is self-taught, Sameer has gotten his fair share of mentorship from many accomplished, photographers and artists. Traveling is what initially sparked his interest in photography, wanting to capture and share those special moments with friends and family. He soon realized the joy of taking pictures in of itself and has decided to pursue it as a full-time career. He currently does advertisement campaigns, personal or professional model portfolio building, and sells his travel photography prints online.

Make sure to follow him on his website and social media:

Website: Sameer Kamal

Facebook: Sameer Kamal

Instagram: Sameer Kamal

Twitter: Sameer Kamal

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