Soulivity Featured Artist: Tania Geyer

Soulivity Featured Artist: Tania Geyer

Tania Geyer, Collaborator

Soulivity Magazine

My present work is imagining what Ocean would look like as a human. How would she move and exist? how would she respond to her guardian? The works are in black and white and ironically describe the essence of her power and character.

Having lived near the shoreline in Sydney, and now here in Redcliffe, I have a heightened knowing that my work must stimulate a deeper connection between the ocean and the public – to strengthen a greater understanding and capacity for personal reaction.

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Australian artist Tania Geyer believes that being an artist is the most important thing she can do with her life.

She sees herself as an emerging artist.  "I am emerging from what I "think" I should do, to following what I "know" I should do." She has been an artist since she was a child, university educated in design and working in a creative direction. She has embraced "moving forward to the authenticity of working as an artist is nothing but humbling in its power."

"Art is the first language of our world.  Our earth understands visuals without didactic language.  It speaks to our spirit and bypasses commercial media clutter.  And so when I sit in my studio painting, drawing, sculpting, making or using media – I have an urgency to strengthen what I speak when I speak it."  You find more of Tania's work by following her on social media: Facebook or Instagram.

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