Soulivity Featured Artist: Vincent Mei

Soulivity Featured Artist: Vincent Mei

This week, Soulivity Magazine is pleased to feature photographer Vincent Mei!

When I go out to capture an image I never know where I'm going, nor what I'm going to shoot.  I always let my inspiration guide me.  Each photo is above all "a moment of life" and more than anything, an atmosphere.  If the atmosphere doesn't come together, then I imagine it, I visualize it, I make it live.

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Vince Mei is an aspiring amateur photographer, based in the city of Marseille, located in the south of France.  He believes that "A photo is not just a nice picture for the readers.  It is an art, with different inspirations, which makes it possible to escape to the place and at the moment when the photographer uses their passion for feeling all that they could absorb at that precise moment."

Make sure to follow him on Instagram: Vincent Mei

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