Soulivity Featured Artist: Yuliya Zelinskaya

Soulivity Featured Artist: Yuliya Zelinskaya

This week, Soulivity Magazine is pleased to feature artist Yuliya Zelinskaya!

When you look at Yuliya's paintings, there is no doubt of her deep connection to the world.  Her thoughts and feelings flow through the colors and textures of each piece, invoking emotions within the soul.  Narratives are included to support the understanding of the work. These experiences are a welcome treat for the soul.  Enjoy!

"Since my childhood, I have exhibited a deep interest in art, especially after my first colors merged and became a rainbow for me."

Stand Off

Alpha… the first letter of the Greek Alphabet, which also means "the beginning," provides the basis for the thoughts used for this piece: Which entity has the most power in a group, animals or people? This is what I identify in this work, the concept of strength in leadership. Who is showing the greater leadership? Confidence? Which is successful, in all that they do, both in business and personal life? Do they have that power and the natural qualities to retain credibility and maintain good character? Are they one who will triumph in life just by being dedicated to a task? Leaders are generous, fearless, bold, and ready to go to the end fighting. They are able to find unexpected solutions in desperate situations. Additionally, the sky symbolizes Justice and Eternity. This painting represents the power that has been here from since the beginning of Civilization, rules the world, and will continue to rule the world to come.


This colorful canvas depicts the essence and the soul of Malta. It takes the imagination to a place of solitude in the midst of the Mediterranean Seas. As she is surrounded by beautiful aqua waters, the romantic life within her harbor is brought alive, with every boat calmly rocking to the rhythm of the sea. And if one looks, every reflection on her waters is a mirror image of what is truly in Malta. It is her heart and soul, as intrinsic colors, which takes you to a place of happiness, joy, love, and peace!

The Dance of Scents 

This painting shows the delicate dance of the scents during the creation of this fragrance. The main characters are the masculine scent of tobacco and cardamom, as they coalesce with the fresh feminine scents of oranges and blossom. The dance develops with intensity and great sensuality.

Russian painter, Yuliya Zelinskaya, is based and lives in Moscow, Russia.  She says, "The main theme of "My art" is taken from the concept that I found in theatrical productions: Theater this is the place between Fantasy and Reality. I would really like to convey the same emotions, strengthen and impressions through my art, for many viewers of my paintings."

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