Makeup Application as a Beginner: 5 Makeup Basics To Know

Before you start buying expensive cosmetics, read this article.
Makeup Application as a Beginner: 5 Makeup Basics To Know
Makeup Application as a Beginner: 5 Makeup Basics To Know

It’s never too late to start wearing makeup. Perhaps you adored the natural look in your 20s but want to shake things up in your 30s.

Makeup is a beautiful art form. It gives people confidence and a way to express themselves. Everyone can benefit from knowing these basics of makeup application as a beginner.

Learn About Your Skin Type Before Buying a Bunch of Products

The first mistake makeup beginners make when starting on their makeup journey is buying products that don’t suit their skin type. Three main skin types exist: dry, oily, and combination.

Matte products are best for oily and combination skin types to reduce excessively glowy skin. Dry skin benefits from dewy products to emulate naturally hydrated skin.

Always pay attention to the labels and read reviews of each product before purchasing. You’ll have a much better beginner makeup application experience if you follow this fundamental step.

Start With Simple Makeup Brushes

It’s important to know that you don’t need top-of-the-line makeup brushes to apply makeup beautifully. You just need the basics to get you started.

A large powder brush, contour brush, blush brush, fluffy blending brush, and flat eyeshadow brush are the main items you should start with. You’ll also want to add a beauty sponge to your collection to make applying liquid products especially simple.

Foundation Isn’t Always Necessary

The makeup world might tell you that you can’t wear makeup without wearing some sort of foundation. This idea is simply not true at all!

Foundation is great for individuals searching for a full coverage look, but not everyone wants that. Others prefer to enhance their existing features with as little makeup as possible. Here are some options if you want to stay away from foundation.

You might like the look and feel of a tinted moisturizer. The lightweight feeling pairs nicely with minimal coverage.

A smidge of concealer is another favorable method. Apply a small amount around acne, dark circles, and other areas you’d like to cover up.

Translucent Powder Is Great for Minimizing Shiny Skin

Translucent powder is a great product whether you wear foundation or not. Many makeup enthusiasts use it as a setting powder to hold the rest of the makeup products together, but that’s not all it’s good for.

Individuals with combination or oily skin can benefit from translucent powders. The powder evens out the skin tone and reduces the shine from oily areas of the face.

Avoid Applying Heavy Products on Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is one of the reasons people like to wear makeup. It makes them feel more confident without a red mark protruding on their face.

The trick to hiding acne with makeup is to avoid drying out the acne spot. Use only a bit of concealer and apply it with a detail brush around the acne scar or pimple. Lightly dab it on top to blend the spot with the rest of the face.

Be sure to avoid applying too much product on the breakout if you plan to use a translucent powder on top. It’s more likely to become dry and appear patchy throughout the day. In this situation, less is more!

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