The Best Ways To Dry Your Hair Without Damage

The Best Ways To Dry Your Hair Without Damage

The hair on our heads tells a story of who we are by showcasing our personality. We want it to be unique and healthy—but many of the things we put it through can induce damage and ruin its natural texture and integrity. Typically, anytime we apply heat, we increase damage and put our hair at risk of a dry, brittle, lifeless texture. Here are some easy ways to dry your hair and mitigate the damaging effects of heat.

Start With Healthy Hair

If your hair is already showing signs of weakness and fraying, applying heat can ruin it altogether. Create a healthy hair foundation by implementing a customized wash routine using high-end shampoo. Also, consider the different vitamins that can benefit hair health and begin adding these into your daily routine. Nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin D, and biotin are excellent for hair health.

Wrap Your Hair Delicately

Before using a blow-dryer, pat your hair dry. The easiest way to do this is to wrap your hair in a hair wrap or silk scarf. The material should be gentle to avoid breakage near the hair's edges. The goal of the wrap is to absorb excess water before you apply any heat. When the surface of your hair holds a lot of water, the hair will take longer to dry, essentially increasing damage from the heat.

Use Heat Protectants

Applying a heat protectant when your hair is still damp is vital. This product can protect your hair from the heat of the blow-dryer and help the hair retain its moisture barrier. A key thing to note is the temperature of your blow-dryer and other styling tools; your heat protectant should be able to withstand these temps. Otherwise, the protectant is useless, and it could even increase damage.

Don't Apply Heat Too Often

Refraining from heat altogether is one of the best ways to reduce damage. Instead of blow-drying your hair every day, consider getting a blowout once a week. Another way to reduce the frequency of heat usage is to leave it to the professionals. By setting this boundary, you can maintain your hair between salon visits and revitalize its overall integrity.

Retraining your hair to do what you want it to isn't always easy. Don't give up if you aren't noticing any positive changes right away. Typically, hair health moves on a month-to-month basis. The summer is an excellent time to practice new drying methods, as the sun acts as a natural heat source with an abundance of vitamin D.

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