It's that time of year again, a season for giving where retail becomes flooded with seasoned and unseasoned shoppers. We thought we'd make it a little easier and share some of our top 10 finds throughout 2019. Here are our favorites and we purposely chose some emerging brands. Entrepreneurs are the life line of innovation.1. Therapeutate Parfums

These are beautifully curated scents and 100% botanical parfums.

Custom and one-of-a-kind handbags by local NYC designer Evelyn Duarte.

Mamie is truly an alchemist when it comes to skincare. She is the secret weapon for many high-profile men and women, like actress Angela Bassett.

Skincare that actually works with affordable, and high-quality products. Now you have no excuses but to pamper yourself!

Creator, owner, and South African designer Thulare Monareng dove into her vast knowledge of African symbols and textiles to create this hip and new apparel-accessory line.

Fun, affordable, an interesting jewelry to adorn yourself for special occasions or simply "just because."

If you've considered totally going vegan or eating raw, then, this is the website for you that's full of recipes, a free e-book, and Fully Raw immersive retreats around the world with owner Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram.

This is the perfect treat(s) for the furry family members in your life. Husband and wife, Joe and Adrienne Pace, teamed up to create an all-natural, fresh, and small batches of wholesome deliciousness. Both have worked (and work) as chefs in some of the most successful restaurants in the NYC.

Another dynamic duo, Brett and Yvonne Wright owners of Lomar Farms and creators of these delicious scented candles that encompass over 15 scents. They also sale delicious honey from their beehives and an array of home products.

(Full disclosure: I met the talented actress Yvonne Wright while at work; and, we had an instant bond. I know, for sure, a lot of love and thought is poured into each candle.)

NYX is one of my favorite brands to use on clients. It has a broad range of color products and tools. It's ideal for someone (tween or teen) starting to explore makeup to enhance their natural beauty.

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