Tips on Getting Your Closet Ready for a Corporate Career

Tips on Getting Your Closet Ready for a Corporate Career

A woman's wardrobe reflects her personal style, and it can also say a lot about her professional aspirations. If you're dressing for a corporate career, there are certain items that you should have in your closet. This blog post will discuss some tips on getting your wardrobe ready for a corporate job. We'll cover everything from what to wear to an interview to how to dress for success in the office!

Dress for the Job You Want

What is she wearing if you see a woman in a corner office? Chances are, her outfit would be different from the executive assistant who just walked by. This tip is probably one of the essential pieces of advice to keep in mind if you're going for a corporate look. When a company interviews a candidate, they want to know that person can step up and move into other roles within the organization if need be. Suppose your wardrobe does not project confidence and professionalism or say anything about your ability to succeed or climb the career ladder. How can you expect anyone else to believe it, either?

The Basics: Pantsuits and Skirt suits

The wardrobe staple of a professional woman is the pantsuit and skirt suit. They offer form-flattering lines and practicalities like pockets and material that can be washed easily. You'll want to find one with a simple but classic cut, in neutral colours such as black, gray or navy. Avoid bold patterns and bright colours when you're interviewing for a job—save those for your second or third anniversary with the company!

Dressing Up: Blouses, Tops, and Jackets

When the dress code is business casual, it's okay to be a little bolder with your clothing choices. You can break out the prints and patterns as long as they are tasteful and conservative. Make sure tops fit well without being too tight or revealing, and jackets give you a polished appearance. No matter what kind of outfit you choose, make sure it fits you well. A loose coat or one that hangs awkwardly will not look professional at all!

Accessories Make the Outfit!

Once you have put together a nice pantsuit or skirt suit and a few blouses, tops, and jackets to go underneath it, the last thing you need is accessories. First, a great pair of shoes is a must—you'll want the heel height to be appropriate for your workplace so that you don't wobble around on unstable footwear all day. Next, your handbag should be large enough to fit everything you need but not bulky or heavy: this will keep you from carrying anything too cumbersome that could slow you down as you commute between meetings. Finally, add some jewellery from Opal Australia (elegant yet understated) and a scarf to help dress up any outfit and make it corporate ready!

Dressing for a corporate career has changed drastically over the years. From the '50s and '60s, when it meant wearing pastels or your Sunday best to an interview, through the '80s where shoulders were broad, skirts short, and hemlines above the knee—women have had to adapt to changing times to maintain professionalism in the office.

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