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Nikki Lloyd featured
Passion 2019

Passion 2019: Nikki Lloyd 

Nikki Lloyd began doing makeup as a result of being fascinated with the blending of colors and applying them to different facial contours/shapes. Transforming one’s self from ordinary to more beautiful/groomed has always been her obsession.

Passion 2019

Passion 2019: Lizette Chin 

If living your purpose is being happy in your skin, happy in your life, and love the people you spend time with, then Lizette Chin is a person who is the perfect example.

Tomy Rivero featured
Passion 2019

Passion 2019: Tomy Rivero 

Tomy Rivero believes any human beings’ purpose should be to try and be a better person every day, help others, and do what you can to preserve the planet.

Rodney Hughes Featured
Passion 2019

Passion 2019: Rodney Hughes 

Being one of the few perfumers of African descent in the West, Rodney Hughes believes in being a trailblazer. In this way, he helps others to know that building a fragrance brand is achievable.

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