HiPost Streetwear with Kelly Glusovich

The designer is dedicated to bringing fashion that inspires and pays homage to the legacy of hip hop pioneers.
Photo Courtesy of HiPost
Photo Courtesy of HiPost

HiPost is an emerging  indie up-cycle brand to keep your eye on. Designer and owner, Kelly Glusovich shares a few inspired thoughts  about his street brand that started on the Lower East Side in NYC since 1993. 

The Interview

DT: Kelly, how are you man? How’s your collection coming along for your NYFW show with Next Frontier In Fashion on 9/13?

KG: Not as stressed as the last time. Now, it’s about shipping the samples to NYC for the show. Each season gets better and better with manufacturers, our vision, and team. I am in a great place, I keep learning, and I am painting more outside the box in a “mosaic fashion”.

DT: What was your inspiration for SP’24?

KG: My inspiration is to continue to reconstruct pre-loved garments and improve on the fashion production process to make it more sustainable. I see it as, “nothing is new, nothing is old”.

DT: I love that you showcase all types of models and always have…why is that important to you?

KG: Not coming from fashion, I had a different point of view, and wanted my models to feel like every day people, and I want people to see ALL types of  people coming down the runway.

DT: I know you sell direct to consumer from your website and social media. Any potential retail partners you are excited about?

KG: We sell direct to consumer via pop-ups. We are in the process of cultivating  retail relationships.

Photo Courtesy of HiPost
Africa Fashion Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

DT: Finish this sentence, as a child, Hip Hop was always a powerful influence. I can’t believe Hip Hop is 50… Hip Hop taught me about ______!!

KG: That’s funny, I have a love letter to Hip Hop on one of my garments. Hip Hop taught me about people of all cultures and gave me path.

DT: What words of  wisdom can you impart to younger creatives?

KG: Smile with grace with all the NOs you will receive. Chase that goal down, “no body is writing that book but you…”.

DT: Thank you for your time today, wishing you continued success!! One last question, what does success mean to you?

KG: Success for me is being able to create from project to project, connecting with others, and staying sane during the process. Also, staying balanced and being focused.

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