Five Steps To Designing Your Best Life

With these simple steps, you can create the life you!
Five Steps To Designing Your Best Life

Do you remember the calm that came over the world in the spring of 2020? Of course, there was also plenty of grief and fear stirring in the air. The early days of the pandemic felt filled with the unknown, and within that chaos, the world found a calm space of hope. For many, the daily commute and busy schedules came to a halt. Our world turned inward. Our social circles tightened. The human world quieted, and nature brightened. Animals came out of the shadows. People focused on creative outlets, cooking, and gardening. Most noticeably, we felt a collective exhale, and in the silent breath, many people evaluated their lives and began to imagine their most vibrant filled lives.

I don't know about you, but I kind of miss those early pandemic days filled with the innocence of possibilities. Now in the limbo of this lingering pandemic, as the hustle of life fills the void and the old normal is seeping in, many people are left wondering if a more vibrant life is even possible.

Most of us settle for a life that is "good enough." We feel guilty wanting more out of life when we know others have far greater struggles than we do. And finding the time to explore beyond our everyday obligations may feel impossible. So, we focus on being grateful for what we have. Which is fine, but you deserve more.  Everyone can learn how to live a more inspired life. Are you ready to discover the vibrant life you crave?

Now is the perfect time to focus on practical steps claiming the life you desire

Five Steps To Designing Your Best Life
Ignite Your Creative Spark of Wonder

Five Steps to Designing the Life You Deserve

Step One:  Ignite Your Imagination

To manifest the life you desire, you must have a clear vision of what it is you want. Reconnecting with your imagination will help you live an inspired life. Our society undervalues the creative impact of imagination. Children know imagination is the gateway to wonder and creativity, but we underestimate its profound impact on our lives as adults.

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a typical day in your favorite life. With your eyes closed, ask yourself: What am I doing? Who is with me? Where do I live?

Let your imagination take you into as much detail as possible. Notice the colors, the scent, the sounds. How do you feel? Are you peaceful, excited, or energized?  Do not try to control the details or feelings but rather notice them as they express themselves in your imagination. Our imagination often communicates in metaphor, so at this point in the process, there is no need to worry about the logistics of how your imaginings will manifest into form.

Once you have a clear vision, you can anchor it by expressing it through writing or art. Visit you're your favorite life in your imagination often.

In this episode of Consciously Awesome Living, I talk more about igniting your imagination.

Step Two: Upgrade Your Beliefs

Often, our parents, friends, media, and society pass down beliefs that we unknowingly accept as our own.  If we do not take time to contemplate our beliefs, where they came from, if they resonate with us, and if we consciously want to subscribe to them, we are simply living life by other people's experiences. In this state of passivity, we will not actually choose our life but instead, accept the one that life handed us. Identifying and releasing outdated beliefs will set you free to create a new experience in each moment.

Learning to observe and consciously choose which beliefs you wish to align with is an essential step towards claiming your fantastic life.

Let's take a moment to examine some of your influential beliefs.

Notice the thoughts you have when you imagine your most vibrant life.  Take a moment to notice which ideas move you toward your desires and which seem to deflate or block you from following your dreams.  Then identify the beliefs that are attached to these thoughts. Make a list of all the beliefs that you think of, even the ones that surprise you.  

Next, answer the following questions for each of the influential beliefs on your list.

  • Where did this belief originate?

  • Who passed it onto me?

  • How did this belief support me in the past?

  • How does it support me in the present?

  • Does it support me in creating the life you desire?

  • Would I like to upgrade this belief?

  • What would I prefer to believe?

This exploration is ongoing. As you go through your day, observe your actions, the things you say, the things you think. Then review what beliefs are influencing your words and actions. Ask yourself the above questions for those beliefs.

I still do this every day. If you let it, this will become a natural part of your life. Return to this process each time you notice a situation, conversation, or emotion challenge you. You will be amazed at how this supports you in living a consciously awesome life.

You have discovered from your exploration into beliefs that you receive constant programming from media, entertainment, government, friends, family, and society. It doesn't matter if they are doing this unknowingly. It is happening. It's time for you to take charge of what you feed your mind.

Consider reducing the time you spend with your attention on sensationalized news and complaint-based social media. These fear-based beliefs do not support a wondrous life. You can download into your consciousness messages that support your life of wonder.

For more about upgrading your beliefs this episode of the Consciously Awesome Living show.

Upgrade Your Beliefs
Upgrade Your Beliefs

Step Three: Gather your Team

As you move in the direction of your most vibrant life, you will need the support of people who will encourage your newfound passion and commitment to manifesting the life you deserve.

Society today is based on outdated fear-based beliefs focused on surviving rather than thriving. As you move into your creative flow, you may notice the people around you seem to be swimming upstream against the current.  You may find that many of the relationships you leaned on in the past cannot support you in the new direction you have chosen. It isn't that your friends and family don't want the best for you. It is just that they may not know how to support you in the path you are choosing.

You are you want to discover your inner brilliance and live a more vibrant life. The best way to achieve your is through establishing a community of support. It is much more challenging to make these profound shifts in isolation. Whether working with a Manifestation Coach, joining a group program or online community of like-minded people, or reaching out to that friend who seems to be heading in the direction you want to go, please take the risk of reaching out to a new network of support. The reward will far exceed the momentary discomfort of vulnerability. The more you share and support, the more support you will receive and the more chance of achieving your goals.

Gather Your Team
Gather Your Team

Step Four: Align Your Energies

Manifesting the life you desire is not just about shifting your thoughts. Co-creating is more than a thought or an intention. It is the complete alignment of thoughts, feelings, and source energy. In this space, we can only create perfection. There are many paths to aligning your energies. You may find that taking a nature walk helps you to center your mind and embrace your emotions. Focusing on gratitude is another gateway to shifting into alignment. The primary technique I use to maintain my alignment as I co-create my vibrant life is Conscious Meditation ™. This guided meditation technique helps people access their higher levels of consciousness as they move throughout their daily lives. 

Step Five: Take Action

Conscious action is essential to creating the life you desire.  When you think about it, imagining, meditating, and aligning are all actions. Each previous step is an action, so you are well on your way to achieving this step as well. Designing your favorite life is a winding path, and the steps in front of you are fluid. Some of these actions will feel a little uncomfortable as you step outside your comfort zone. Some actions may trigger a limiting belief that is ready to be released. When you feel aligned and centered in your mind, heart, and soul, you will know which step feels correct in each moment. Sometimes the next step is to wait. Expand your idea of what action means to include rest, contemplation, meditation, and even play.   Let joy be your compass of alignment as you learn to take action based on what feels correct in each moment.

Let's do Lunch
Let's do Lunch

Let's Do Lunch

You are now well on your way to claiming the vibrant life you deserve. For more support, please mark your calendar to join me each Wednesday at noon EST for this season of the Consciously Awesome living Show ( link to show page). Each episode will focus on a step to help you design and claim the Consciously Awesome Life you deserve. A few of the show topics include overcoming emotional obstacles, manifesting when you are just trying to survive, choosing healthy relationships, moving beyond self-blame, and aligning with your higher frequencies.  Let joy be your compass that leads you to the Consciously Awesome Living show.

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