Floriography: The Meaning Behind Flowers As Gifts

Floriography: The Meaning Behind Flowers As Gifts

Giving someone a bouquet of red roses is a symbolic gesture of love and affection. However, a set of yellow roses carries a connotation of friendship. These are prime examples of floriography: the meaning behind flowers as gifts.

The idea of symbolic meaning behind specific plants or flowers affects our lives to this day. But what meaning exists behind certain flowers? This ancient practice enabled people to express feelings they couldn't put into words. Today, we offer these plants and their symbolism as a gift to another.


Much like roses, the meaning behind tulips differs depending on their color. Pink tulips represent well wishes and care and are best for someone currently struggling with stress or grief. White tulips represent forgiveness and work best for settling a dispute. Again, like roses, red tulips represent absolute love and are perfect for a spring bouquet.


The lotus flower is interesting due to its significance in multiple cultures. The lotus flower typically represents the idea of new life and rebirth, making it a good gift for someone entering a new phase of their life, such as marriage or adulthood.


Sunflowers represent warmth, kindness, and positive intentions, like the bright sun itself. Sunflowers are perfect for expressing fondness for a lasting friendship without conveying romantic feelings. The meaning of this flower as a gift is to tell someone that you appreciate the brightness they bring to your life.

Cactus Flowers

Cacti come in many varieties, and nearly all of them bloom with flowers. You don't typically hear of anybody giving cactus flowers as a gift, which may be due to their conflicting symbolism in different cultures. A common association with cactus flowers is applauding a person's resilience, which, much like the cactus, blooms in harsh conditions. However, in particular eastern countries, the cactus flower is a symbolic gesture of lust, implying you have a physical attraction to the person.

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