How to Communicate with Angels by Author Karen Noé

How to Communicate with Angels by Author Karen Noé

The angels are ready to assist us, but most of the time they must wait for us to call upon them.

They often come to us simply as a thought, a feeling, a knowingness, or a vision. At first, we may feel that we are only imagining the messages we are receiving. Therefore, all we need to do is ask the Universe to allow us to know when the angels are truly giving us messages.

Let Go of the Fear of the Unknown or Feelings of Unworthiness

We may unknowingly cut off communication with the angels because we fear what we might see, feel, or hear. Because of this, the angels will not come to us because they want to bring us comfort, not fear, so they will wait until we are ready for them. In this case, we may want to ask the Universe to help us release any fears that are preventing us from connecting with our angels.

At other times, we may feel unworthy and therefore do not call upon them for their help. I assure you that we are all worthy of their assistance. It doesn't matter who we are or what we've done; the angels are there for us. They are not here to judge us—but simply to guide and protect us at all times.

We also may call on as many angels as we feel are needed in different situations, and they will all come. Also remember that they can be in more than one place at one time, so we are not taking them away from another who may need them more than we do.

Communicating with our Angels

Dream State Messages

One way to receive messages from the angels is in the dream state. The only problem is that if you don't wake up after the dream, you won't remember it. Therefore, before you go to sleep and ask your angels to enter your dreams, be sure to ask them to wake you up afterwards. Be persistent, and even if you don't dream of them right away, continue to ask them to come to you on several consecutive nights. Just be patient and wait, and they will come to you when you least expect it.


Also, make sure to look for signs around you, such as the bumper stickers or license plates of cars that cut you off, songs on the radio with messages that seem to be just for you, objects flying off shelves, or on billboards—and so forth. Sometimes, we dismiss signs and messages because we are not paying attention.

Telepathically Through Our Thoughts

They also speak to us in our thoughts. That is, they speak to us telepathically, and we often cannot separate our thoughts from theirs. If a random thought comes into your consciousness, it could very well be an angel trying to speak to you. Trace your thoughts and see if you can figure out how the thought originated. If you cannot pinpoint it, it may very well be a message from the angels. At this point, try to quiet yourself and listen. You may receive more thoughts, words, pictures, or even feelings. Ask the angel who they are and quiet your thoughts and listen.

Angel Oracle Cards

And finally, and perhaps the easiest way to communicate with the angels, is through the use of the Angel Quest Oracle card deck. If you feel that you are still not hearing the angels, you can always receive messages from them via the use of Angel Quest Oracle cards. Everyone can do angel card readings for themselves or others using these cards. All you have to do is hold the cards in your hands and ask the angels what you need to know. Then, shuffle the deck. The angels will let you know when to stop shuffling and which card to select. You may receive this information intuitively; a card may jump out of the deck; the cards may stick together; or you'll be guided to take the top one; and so on. The message from the angels is written directly on the card itself, and you can also read what the card means in further detail with the accompanying book. You will see how easy it is to do, and how accurate the message is for you!

Whichever way you receive messages from the angels, just acknowledge everything you get, even if the messages don't make sense to you at that moment. In time, you will begin to understand what the angels are trying to communicate to you, and your life will never be the same.

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