How To Survive & Thrive Even In Difficult Times

We all go through challenges. Here are a few ways of coping when your life's journey gets tough.
How To Survive & Thrive Even In Difficult Times
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Let’s face it, sometimes, life can be disorienting. That means circumstances may not only be difficult, but feel actively perplexing and hard to cope with. There are many scenarios this could apply to, from suffering the confusion and heartbreak of bereavement to simply being disappointed by the actions of someone you thought you could trust. It’s important to remember that for every hard emotion and harmful circumstance, you have an equal chance to experience true love, joy and gratitude - it’s just part of being human, and we all have ups and downs of gregarious intensities.

For this reason, learning how to survive and thrive in difficult times is just as important as learning how to be grateful and show humility in times of wonder. In this post, we’ll discuss a few helpful principles you can use for achieving the former, and how to translate that into personal growth. After all, if you learn from the hard times, you can never look back and say they were wasted:

Make Use Of Gratitude

When you’ve undergone a real difficult time of your life, gratitude might seem in short supply. What do you have to be thankful for when everything has gone wrong, or you’ve suffered a terrible life event? Well, you usually do have something to be thankful for, as hard as that can be to accept. 

This is not to say you’re a bad person for otherwise, quite the opposite, but thinking this way can help you gently pivot your thought habits into something a little more enriching, while you still process the harm. For example, anyone who has lost someone will know just how comforting and warm the fond memories you had of them can be, and it’s those you’ll be grateful for. Moreover, being grateful for the emotional pain is important, because it shows that this person really did mean something to you, and grief is the cost we pay for having such a connection.

Find Help When You Need It

It’s easy to shrug everything off when you’re having a hard time, especially if you throw yourself into hard work, isolating yourself, or not communicating. That’s not to say you have to be the most vocal and communicative person in the world, but relying on help when you need it is key. A criminal lawyer that can help you move through tough accusations can help you avoid losing hope, while counselling or advocacy groups can help you tackle an issue knowing you’re never alone. These things matter and can have a wonderful impact on your overall wellness.

Take It A Moment At A Time

Some of the best advice you’ll ever hear in life is to take things a day at a time. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the future or that doing so is a bad idea, it just means that you don’t have to live your entire life in one go. You get to recharge between hard decisions and experiences and enjoy levity too. But if circumstances are difficult, you might take it a moment at a time. This way, you can preserve your strength and rest when you need to.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to survive and thrive, even in tough times.

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