La Vie Boheme! Exploring Manhattan’s Greenwich Village

La Vie Boheme! Exploring Manhattan’s Greenwich Village

Travel and Leisure note that Greenwich Village is best known as the epicenter of sixties counterculture. In fact, back in the 1920s, it was a popular haven for art, the Bohemian capital, and even the center of the modern LGBTQ movement. The Village, as it's known to the locals, is a beautiful area with a very relaxed and mellow vibe. While the area still retains its Bohemian vibe, it certainly doesn't retain its Bohemian prices. Today, most people can only dream of living in this location because of the astoundingly high real estate rates. A feature on square footage in NYC by Yoreevo, explains that West Village apartments can command asking prices as high as $2,400 per square foot. The good news is that visitors can get a taste of the arts, history, and culture in The Village without having to move here.

So with that in mind, here is a guide on where to stay and what to see in Greenwich Village.

Where to Stay

For visitors who want a taste of this luxury living, The Jane is one of the most popular choices for accommodation. It puts you in the heart of Greenwich Village, just a stone's throw away from local attractions like the Whitney Museum of American Art. Apart from its location, The Jane is also well known for its quirky vintage decor and its proximity to the hippest spots in the city. Once you get settled in its plush rooms and suites, you can head out to explore the rest of The Village.

Washington Square Park

It's less than 20 minutes away from The Jane and is known as the home of the Washington Square Arch. It's a center for cultural activity and it's one of the most popular gathering spots for avant-garde artists. You'll see a lot of locals here doing Tai Chi in the early mornings or late afternoons. There's the occasional yoga for kids and even some ballet recitals and music festivals, depending on the season.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Even closer to your hotel is the Whitney Museum of American Art, which features 20th century and contemporary American Art. Time Out's guide to the exhibitions at the museum notes how it has some of the most prominent names in art history like Edward Hopper, Alexander Calder, and Georgie O'Keefe. The entire museum is home to over 15,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and videos, by nearly 2,000 artists.

The Magnolia Bakery

Locals will tell you that a trip to Greenwich Village won't be complete without a visit to Magnolia Bakery. Although they already have multiple branches in New York City, it's still worth visiting the original site for some delicious cupcakes and decadent layered cakes. The Greenwich Village branch has also appeared in several famous movies and series like Sex and the City. Before you head out to explore, grab a little something at the Magnolia Bakery first.

Friends Apartment Building

If you're a fan of the television series Friends, you're in for a treat as you're only a few minutes away from 90 Bedford Street, where the building used for the exterior shot of the Friends apartment is located. After taking a few pictures, you can have something to eat at the cafe called The Little Owl at the corner of the building. Although Central Perk only exists in a studio in Los Angeles, The Little Owl gives you the same bohemian vibe. It's an idyllic neighborhood restaurant where neighbors are like celebrities and celebrities are like neighbors.

Stonewall National Monument

It's the first LGBTQ monument dedicated to the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ civil rights movement. Mashable explains that the monument attracts plenty of tourists, especially during Pride season. Recently, the New York LGBTQ Community Center, simply known as The Center partnered with Google to develop a digital version, which is called the Stonewall Forever. The Center's chief strategy office Jeff Klien told Mashable, "It's a modern take on what a monument is and what an experience like this can be." Users can access the digital monument on their phones and laptops, and explore the history of the monument and the activists.

As the above examples show, New York is the ultimate city to visit. Whether you're in NYC for a winter break or spending a summer weekend here, the Big Apple has lots of gems like Greenwich Village. Hopefully, these travel tips will inspire you to visit The Village and seek out its important history and culture.

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