How To Maintain and Recharge Your Crystals

How To Maintain and Recharge Your Crystals

Crystals are a great way to channel positive energy. Whether you use them to send out positive vibes or as a source of healing and soothing your body, mind, and soul, they are beneficial in many forms. Unfortunately, the many functions crystals perform can cause them to absorb negative energy and lose their charge. You must maintain and recharge your crystals by cleansing them.

Signs Your Crystals Need Some TLC

Crystals absorb just as much energy as they give out. These two separate functions can result in your crystals having an energy overload. Without having a clear flow, your crystals serve you no good.

If your crystals start to look a little cloudier or smudged, feel heavier, or you're starting to feel different energy from them, this is a sign that they need some care. Luckily, you can cleanse and charge your crystals with a few easy steps.

Cleaning and Recharging Your Crystals

  • Placing your crystals under a faucet and letting the water hit it with a constant stream can neutralize any energy previously stored inside the stone. However, ensure your crystal you can get wet.
  • Water is not the only form of bathing your crystals can take. A moon bath or sunbath can be just as resourceful. Placing your crystals on a windowsill in the moonlight or sunlight will work to recharge and maintain the proper energy for your crystal.
  • A visualization technique is another helpful tool. Imagine a bright healing light filling your crystal. Remove all the old energy the crystal initially absorbed.

Activating Your Crystals

After you've completed all these steps, your crystals may still look dull and feel heavy. Your crystals may need an energetic activation. You care for your crystals in the same way you would care for a pet.

  • Take your crystals outside with you on trips to the park.
  • Offer your crystal some of your energy through conversation, song, or breathing on them.
  • Creating an activation grid is another good option. Make sure your grid includes a center stone and surrounding stones, such as Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Apophyllite, and Carnelian.

Any one of these tips makes for great ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Give them the love they deserve. After all, your crystal's primary function is taking care of you, and for them to do that, you must take care of them.

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