Refreshing Summer Coffee Flavors To Try in the Morning

Refreshing Summer Coffee Flavors To Try in the Morning

The beautiful thing about coffee is how flexible it is. Whether you like it bitter or sweet, there are several ways to enjoy it while ensuring it matches your preferences. As the weather gets hotter, consider some of these refreshing summer coffee flavors to try in the mornings of your busy work days.

Java Chip Frappuccino

Chocolate is hard to pass up, and a java chip frappuccino can seamlessly incorporate it into your morning coffee routine. By blending your favorite coffee with some ice, milk, and chocolate syrup, you can whip yourself up a delicious drink in minutes. Depending on where you draw the line between dessert and your wake-up beverage, topping it off with some chocolate chips is never a bad idea.

Honey Hazelnut Latte

The journey that honey takes to get to your home is impressive in itself, and the simplicity of a latte is even better when you flavor it with the sweet, nutty combination of honey and hazelnut. When you mix the earthy flavor of hazelnut with the sugary taste of honey, you'll wake up energized and be reminded of all the fresh ingredients that nature has to offer this summer season.

Vanilla Maple Macchiato

If you want to savor the flavor of coffee while only slightly cutting the bitterness, a macchiato is the perfect drink for you. When you combine the richness of maple syrup with the delicate sweetness of vanilla, you'll find yourself holding back the urge to drink it all at once! If you enjoy a subtle combination of flavors that still allow notes of coffee to tag along, this cup of coffee is the right one for you.

Pistachio Cold Brew

Your morning drink doesn't have to be complex. Pairing a simple cold-brew coffee with a splash of pistachio creamer or syrup makes for a lovely wake-up call to the day. The piney, resinous flavor of the nut go well with the bitter acidity of the iced coffee, offering a rich, nutty taste for you to enjoy throughout the morning.

Starting every day with the same kind of coffee gets a bit stale for some people. If you're looking to freshen up your routine with something new, these refreshing summer coffee flavors to try in the mornings are worth a shot. Hopefully, looking forward to a new favorite cup of coffee will energize you for the day ahead of you.

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