Soul Stories: Dionna Dorsey

Soul Stories: Dionna Dorsey

When life calls you to your passion, listening is a good choice.

About Dionna Dorsey

This month, we feature the journey of successful creative, Dionna Dorsey! Dionna's love for design began as a young child with a coloring book and has since grown into an entrepreneurial passion. She uses simplicity, consistency, and inspiring design to support clients in their brand development through creative services. Her compassionate nature allows her to empathize with her clients–as well as their audiences–and the result has been her unique ability to create, develop, and nurture harmonious brands.

She's also the founder and designer of DISTRICT of CLOTHING, a lifestyle brand created with dreamers, doers, change makers, and the future history makers in mind. Birthed from the same spirit of those who reject the sidelines, awake with a passion to move forward, and are inspired to make their dreams reality, DISTRICT was created to empower, inspire conversation, and to embolden self-love and local pride.

Dionna has been featured in Marie Claire, The Washington Informer, and was named a Washingtonian Style Setter. (from

You can learn more about Dionna by visiting her website,


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