UpClose: Branding Your Passion with Fritz Colinet of Retna Media

UpClose: Branding Your Passion with Fritz Colinet of Retna Media
Fritz Colinet, owner of Retna Media, is a powerful asset to any business. He shows how branding, social media marketing, and so much more, is integral to your business. Enjoy the interview!

About Fritz Colinet

Fritz Colinet, the creative force behind Retna Media, has worked for more than 20 years as a creative director, designer, and brand builder. Colinet's career started when he was young enough to hold a pencil. Art has always been a part of his daily life, where sketching and drawing preceded any other activity. Inspired by master artists such as Michael Angelo, Rembrandt, and Paul Rand, he pursued communications and design at Pratt in New York.

His stellar skills paved the way for opportunities to be the creative mind behind the rebranding of major brands such as Lady Foot Locker, The Houston Open, Marlena Stell, The Astorian, FullyRaw Kristina and the Houston Dynamo. This rebranding initiative was a testament to many successes to ignite an illustrious career recreating iconic brands for modern times.

The passion for building brands led Fritz Colinet to start his own full-service branding and marketing agency, Retna Media, based in Houston. Since 2005, Retna Media has built brands from blue-chip companies to small businesses in diverse industries. This unconventional advertising agency uses strategic communication principles to analyze, target, and created campaigns with unrivaled results.

He has successfully branded and managed over 200 strategic marketing campaigns including the Houston Open, Houston Dynamo, Maker's Mark, USST, ILA Union, Revicore, Rawfully Organic Co-Op, Car Pro, Respira Health, the breakfast klub, Briggs True Texas Sauces & Seasonings, Sekai Electronics, Everest Funeral Services, PhoenixIFS, Nutex Health, and the YMCA to name a few.

Specializing in strategic communications, Retna Media has carved a niche as a multifaceted branding agency offering full service offline and online marketing solutions powered by strategy, public relations, social media, and traditional advertising campaigns.

Colinet continues to develop a corporate culture with a "whatever it takes" attitude so their customers can continue to reap the rewards of dedicated, intelligent processes. His philanthropic and giving attitude, Colinet has spearheaded many pro-bono campaigns that have given back to the community and highlighted corporate social responsibility.

Colinet, continues to develop strategies for the globalization of brands and incorporate technology-based solutions to support its clients' goals. Attainable ambitions for the future include establishing themselves as the go-to advertising agency for brand marketing.

DT: How long have you been a Creative Director? What imprint does Retna Media bring to clients?

FC: I have been a creative director since 2001. I launched Retna Media in 2005.

My approach to all clients big or small is with strategy in mind, once I gather information from them. And, we set out an aesthetic, strategy, color, association, and how to amplify "your brand."

DT: In the business world that is constantly changing, share some of your favorite branding tools for fashion and beauty brands?

FC: We use 5 to 6 tools to extract what exactly a brand wants. Is it luxury? Be specific? Get into the minutia of what your line/brand is for you and your audience.

DT: How important is it for your company to monitor top trends and shifts in social media?

FC: I think like any other form of communication, it needs to be monitored, depending on the clients' needs.

 It doesn't drive a lot of the experience; but, it's used as a tool for "branding." [However], for "marketing," use the platform that BEST connects with the audience the quickest.

You will find many new platforms are transforming. For instance, Vines that is not as prevalent to apps, like TikTok, that are popular now, platforms are constantly evolving. Be consistent and secure all social media platforms whether you use them or not is my advice.

DT: What intentions have you set forth for Retna Media in the new decade? How has the COVID-19 pandemic shaped your current business decisions?

FC: [To understand] what is currently happening in the marketplace due to COVID-19, we have to [first] understand how followers are consuming information. As well as, [we need a real] understanding of how to move the needle and how influencers can react to clients personally and connecting with consumers in a very personal way. You can no longer just gather likes and followers; personal interaction is paramount.

DT: What great lesson would you share with younger people? And as a father of two, I know you have many (smile).

FC: Don't be afraid to fail and lead. Read as much as you can about what you want to do as a profession. Commit to reading about 5-10 pages a day, which is a small investment in your future but invaluable. It really shows how invested you are.

DT: What is your purpose, personally and professionally?

FC: My purpose personally and professionally is "to let anyone know that it is possible." It comes from my own personal experience as a kid in the South Bronx attending Art & Design in NYC, then attending Pratt Institute, winning awards…I appreciate the journey, lessons, and experiences fully.

DT: Finish this sentence, "the shift I would like to see in the world is…"

FC: "…more humanity." We have lost the art of caring for a stranger, friends, and family.

DT: Name three fun projects that Retna Media has spearheaded?

FC: (1) The Astorian in Houston, Texas @astorianevents, (2) Fully Raw by Kristina @fullrawwkristina, and (3) Respira Health  @respirahealth

DT: Fritz, thank you for taking the time to chat with me and our Soulivity readers. You are a maestro at what you do…all the BEST and continued success!!

Name: Fritz Colinet

Job Title: Executive Creative Director at Retna Media

Instagram: @retnamedia

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