From the Editor – April 13, 2018

From the Editor – April 13, 2018

The recent anniversary of our beloved Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination reminds of his great influence on history. His personal process towards greatness came from self-examination and facing his deepest fears. He stayed true to his convictions and purpose with integrity to teach us all how to be better. His archetypal shift into becoming a leader, prophet, and challenger for the purpose of expressing his greatest passion–elevating humanity towards compassion, inclusion, unconditional love, and acceptance.  This lives on in all of us and is a template for courage. "Courage is the power of the mind to overcome fear," said Martin Luther King.

By examining our deepest fears, which are tied to old paradigms, a new world of unlimited possibilities open. Today, we once again face uncertainty and challenges. We hope that Soulivity Magazine becomes the powerful platform where you have the opportunity to take a deep dive into your inner landscape and step into your own style of greatness.  Soulivity Magazine guest interviews grace us with unique roadmaps to happiness through personal archetypal shifts into self-awareness and self-examination – the foundation for creating an exceptional life.

When you change, everything around you changes. When you bring yourself to a higher standard, you show others how it can be done. Changing for the better offers you more happiness and stronger and healthier connections, as well. When you make an archetypal paradigm shift, friends, family, community, and the world benefits from your example. This is my dream actualized for Soulivity Magazine! You are part of the tribe that is forging powerful shifts in this challenged world we find ourselves in today.

Instead of focusing on polarity, we focus on inclusion. Instead of "either/or" thinking, we shift into "all as one."  As we step into the sacred process of healing wounds and move beyond old patterns, we take courageous bold steps into the unknown, knowing that 'we got this!'

I thank you for the opportunity to grace your lives through these Soulivity Magazine interviews, knowing that we are all at the right place, at the right time, putting our best selves forward as examples of love, bravery, and solidarity.  Go out there and rock your world today! Continue living with soul–and be the courageous warrior you were born to be!

With love,


Brian Westley Johnson is the managing editor-in-chief of Soulivity Magazine, an online magazine-journal which reaches over 150K people monthly across the globe.  For over 25 years, Brian has spent his life traveling the world as a business development professional using his skills and demonstrable expertise in sales and marketing strategy and execution to assist enterprising medium and large organizations in achieving growth targets.  Now, he has dedicated his life to a new mission – to support everyone in living their highest quality life with passion, purpose, and joy.

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