Clock Poet Music Originals: Døob, Armie and Javi Green!

Clock Poet Music Originals: Døob, Armie and Javi Green!

Soulivity Magazine got the chance to spend some quality time with music artists, Døob, Armie and Javi Green, currently on the Clock Poet music label.  We asked them about their journey coming together to produce some of the smoothest electronic music in the air today.

Clock Poets is a label that's led a charmed existence to date. Following a string of releases featuring the likes of label bosses, Døob, Armie and Javi Green (their last one came to us courtesy of Freerotation boss, Steevio).  As with each release, the last one drew plaudits from some of the scene's most discerning names, while their latest serves up another captivating exercise in intricate electronica. courtesy of the debut release by the Clockpoets digital label. This time about, the boys look closer to home once more with Doob, Armie and Javi Green all getting together in the studio and coming up with the grandiose sounds of the aptly named Family EP.

About Their Latest Release, the Family EP

Congratulations on the latest release of the Family EP! It is so awesome. The songs are different yet very complimentary. What was your process to compose such uniquely beautiful music?

Javi: Thanks! We always compose in jam sessions and I think you can feel that in our songs. Part of our trick is working with modular synths and other unpredictable hardware and just let it happen.

Pare is minimalistic and yet so groovy. It almost seems to invoke a feeling of the listener "wanting more," and in a good way! Tell me your thoughts about this piece.

Døob: "Pare" had a melody running when we were jamming it, I remember playing with the fader and the filter while saying less is more! Less is more! In the recording take, I only teased it with a few notes here and there and that's the feeling you are maybe talking about. 🙂

The groove produced in Pare is taken to another level in Mare! It is very syncopated and dark. What do want us to take away when listening to it?

Døob: Mare was the first of the package, we had mfb drums running, a rubbing 'rolandesque' bass setting the basements and a sweet garden of gentle resonators. Then, we glued all with a universe of random glitches and fx that Javi composed on his modular. Not standard again, but sounds cool to us, keeps our brain entertained.

Fillo seems mysterious and smooth with a straight heavy backbeat. What were your inspirations for it?

Døob: Fillo creates different energy, what inspired us? STEEVIO!

Their History and the Latest News

How long have you been together now? And, where are you based now?

Døob: 3 years at least, being based in Barcelona and Mallorca.

Do you each remember what you were doing BEFORE you came together as a group?

Javi: I was in Ibiza 6 years as a resident of Destino Pacha, Ibiza, and playing a festival like Off Sonar, ADE, Bbk live …

Armie: I lived in Majorca, (playing) in different clubs and festivals over the island. The next chapter in my career (was) to start as producer around 2008/2010.  It wasn't until 2015 when I met my new musical family; and then, that musical and personal connection took us to create Clock Poets.

Døob: Music has always been so present in my life.  I got in my first lineup as a DJ in 2003. In 2006, I started producing jazzy and soulful house releases. I ran my own night during my uni years and worked in different studios with clients of all kinds, pop singers, DJs, rappers…did a lot of "in the box" music…and I taught Ableton. In 2012, I decided to go to the very root and changed my entire approach.  My relationship with music kept everything I learned…and Døob was born 🙂

What was the process like for your first collaboration?

Javi: I think it was because Armie and Døob invited me to play in their town and we prepared an improvised live in 2 hours without no clue of what was going to happen! it worked very well!

Since you have been on the Clock Poets label for 2 years, what is your next endeavor as a group?

Javi: We start this January 29th in Macarena club, Bcn, for a series of label nights that we aim to spread to all over Europe.

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