Name: Ronaldo Escobar

Title/Position: Makeup Artist


Ronaldo Escobar was born and raised in Brazil, he lived in SF, Paris, Sao Paulo; and, is currently living in NYC. He studied makeup effects in CA; but, he always had the eyes for the fashion industry. He worked with many magazines, runway shows, catalogs, advertising campaigns, etc.  Ronaldo has such a great ability to create a beautiful, clean and fresh makeup. He loves color and (of course) to make a very bold looks, when is required. He is always mixing color and trying different products. For Ronaldo, the most important key to create the best results for the perfect makeup is to find a perfect foundation that will make your skin look natural; but, at the same time, cover your imperfections, as you desire. Ronaldo is [grounded in] finding out what works best for you, what makes you confident and secure about yourself.  Ronaldo is now launching, BEAUTY THERAPY NYC, a new concept to learn about yourself, and how you want to take makeup to the next level.  (Source:

DT: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? And some highlights in your career? Please name drop (laughs).

RE: My name is Ronaldo Escobar, I was born and raised in Brazil. I started working in the fashion industry as a booker at the modeling agency in my hometown. But, one day, I was asked to do makeup for a photo shoot. The photographer then told me my makeup was very clean and well-executed, and that I should do it more often. This is how I fell in love with makeup.ronaldoBW

Avon Cosmetics has yearly awards for all the makeup categories, such as Beauty, Editorial, Cinema, Theatrical, and Fashion Show. I was nominated for the best new upcoming makeup artist in Brazil. And, I won. That is when I realized that I should follow my dream. I decided to move to San Francisco, CA. I started to do work in editorial, catalogs, and fashion shows. After 4 years of living in SF, I felt the industry was very commercial there and I wanted more. I always wanted to do fashion and I decided to move to NY. I didn’t know what to expect and it was very hard in the beginning. I visited many agencies and received “NO” as an answer. They were judging my book as being very commercial and wanted to see more fashion editorial in my book. So, I started to send emails to photographers and stylists to build-up my portfolio. After 6 months, I was accepted [by] an agency. I started to work with different clients during NYFW, for instance. Three years later, I was requested to do a video tutorial for casting, as they were looking for artists from all over the world to be part of the Mary Kay International Makeup Team. And, I got a contract. I was shooting the campaigns and doing a workshop for over 6K women in South America. I was also selected to be on the reality show, “American Beauty Star (Season 2).” And this year, I am invited to be the director for the biggest fashion show in Madrid, World Vision Fashion (Guinness World Records).

In 2019, I am launching Beauty Therapy NY, a new concept to learn about yourself; how you want to take makeup to the next level. Coming soon to NYC and with online appointments.

DT: Why is it important to have diversity in the beauty and fashion industries?

RE: I think it is very important to have diversity because beauty is subjective; what I find to be pretty is a very personal opinion. Mixing cultures, sizes, colors…it’s to me like adding personality, a character, and a flavor, to the fashion business.carmelita_1877-Ronaldo 1

DT: Have you seen shifts in the last decade?

RE: Yes, very much so; and, I sometimes question myself whether what is happening right now is for real? The industry is changing so much, rates have dropped, and clients went out of business. On the other side, cosmetic companies are growing so much that more job opportunities are made available as smaller brands have a chance to stand out in comparison to the big and traditional brands.

DT: In a perfect world, what would be an ideal evolution in the industries of beauty and fashion?

RE: To create a movement where beauty and fashion merge into the empowerment of truth and positivity; a way to create a world where people can connect to each other and feel good about themselves just the way they are, no matter what color, size, sex, religion, or nationality.

DT: Do you realize that your presence in the industry inspires many people around the world?

RE: Yes I do. I am very grateful for everything that I have achieved; and, I am blessed to still be doing what I love.maiamagazine1-Ronaldo 2

DT: What advice would you give your younger self?

RE: “Travel to different countries and be open-minded with everything that you are afraid to try.  Also, search for your favorite artists and try to become an assistant. That will be the best lessons you will ever have.”

DT: Are you living your purpose?

RE: Yes, I am still living to make my dreams come true.

DT: Finish this sentence, “I am grateful for…”

RE: “…my family, and to be able to do what I love.”