Hypopressive Technique with Alexa Marine

Hypopressive Technique with Alexa Marine

Name: Alexa Marine

Title/Position: Hypopressive Certified Instructor

<Instagram: @Alexa_Marine

DT: Alexa, thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I know you are busy with your travels teaching hypopressive techniques, and your collaborations with your fiance, Chef Patrick D'Andrea, which takes you both around the world.

I met you many years ago at a mutual friend's home in New York, NY.  You now reside in London, England, and travel often to Spain (where you're originally from), Italy, Portugal,Tulum, and many other amazing destinations globally.

I would like to chat more about this physical technique you studied, and are sharing with men and women around the world. I have seen your videos on Instagram, and an interview on FOX NEWS NY. After watching your videos, it's very inspiring. I have seen shifts in many of your clients bodies and it's fascinating.

Can you explain what is  "hypopressive technique" to our readers? And what lead you to study this physical practice?

AM: The Hypopressive System is a complete training program that benefits all ages and lifestyles.  The methodology involves a seamless progression of postures and breathing techniques that cause a reduction in the pressure in the abdomen and trigger an automatic response of the core (abdominal, pelvic floor, multifidus, diaphragm) causing an abdominal vacuum.

Populations with core or injury dysfunction, poor posture and breathing patterns) benefit greatly from it providing  non-surgical solutions, while correcting the posture, reducing the perimeter of the waist and strengthening all muscles, especially the abdomen and the pelvic floor.  Its an excellent method of postnatal recovery, significantly improves athletic performance and gets visible aesthetic results.

I am an Hypopressive Certified Instructor with a martial arts background, and over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. A few years ago I reached a point in my career where I realized something was missing from my practice…I had put so much pressure on my abs to make them stronger that my back had weakened. I introduced Yoga and Pilates into my routine, but it was only when I discovered the Hypopressive method that my life changed completely.

For the first time my abs started to pop up without doing crunches, my waistline reduced and my back pain totally disappeared. My core was stronger than ever…and my belly was finally flat. I have since decided to spread the word about the benefits of Hypopressive (also known as Low Pressure Fitness) to both women and men.

DT: I know that food is also a very important part of your lifestyle and business model. What are there certain foods to avoid?

AM: Balance is the key. Nutrition is important for fitness, eating a well-balanced diet can help you get the calories you need to fuel your daily activities, including regular exercise. It's easy to get confused about which food are healthy and which aren't.  To put it simply, avoid processed and refined products, sugary drinks are particularly harmful.

DT: How long does it take to see results using "hypopressive  technique" ?

AM: The method that I teach you is the Hypopressive routine. We do it during the training but it is all preparation for you to do the routine daily.  And, after a four week period, you will see the majority of the changes such as: abdominal and pelvic floor tone, treatment of urinary incontinence,  treatment of hernias, prevention of organ prolapse, improvement in sexual function and sensations, postnatal recovery, and reduction in waist size. However, you will notice  within a week or two notice that you are much more aware of your breathing and posture.

DT: You work with individuals, small and large groups…can "hypopressive" be done at home?

AM: Classes on-line are my favorites! This system of posture and breathing techniques can be done at home with no equipment, the method has a very technical nature and should be taught by  a qualified instructor. People often contact me for personal training because they don't find certified instructors in the areas where they live,there is a strong  need to offer online asses to classes.

DT: Having worked in the business of service, especially luxury service, how do you take care of your mind, body and spirit?

AM: To be in complete health and harmony, our being needs to be in balance. For me, sticking to the routines help like eating well, fresh food is highly protective for the body and can help to restore energy level. Do exercise, take time to think and laugh. And time to create to grow and evolve our spirit and the most important, sleep.

DT: What wisdom would you tell your younger self?

AM: Enjoy the ride, take care of yourself and GIVE the best to others, every moment counts, step by step everything will make sense.

DT: Where do you see future growth in your business and this technique? And how can our readers follow you, take a class like the one you hosted in Tulum, or watch online videos?

AM: I think that it's the future, understand our body and reprogram the damage that we create with bad habits, bad postures and the wrong workout. Breath is everything, and we are forgetting how to do it.

I'm based now in London but I travel very often to teach the technique wherever people request my services. It's  intensive workshops of three days where people learn the tools to apply in their daily routines. And  I follow up with them through on-line classes

My new project is a course of hypopressive online, basically a "how to" learn the technique in easy steps . Follow me through my Instagram @Lowpressurefitnesslondon, people can contact me and ask any question.

DT: Do you see "hypopressive technique" being around for years to come and why?

AM: Absolutely, in fact Hypopressive are in Spain, Brasil, Portugal, and other countries included as a part of the training activities in sport centers and prescribe for gynecologist, urologist, physiotherapist and osteopaths as part of the treatment.

DT: Tell our readers how they can follow and or reach you? When is your next weekend immersive workshop?

AM: Lowpressurefitnesslondon@gmail.com; and, on my Instagram page. I always update my new events.

DT: Bonus Question: Finish this sentence, "I am grateful for…"

AM: "…breath, and the rest that comes along with it."

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