Welcome to PASSION – Diversity in Beauty and Fashion 2019!

Welcome to PASSION – Diversity in Beauty and Fashion 2019!

BY D'ANGELO THOMPSON, Soulivity Magazine Editor-At-Large

In the business of the creative arts, I have met some dynamic artists in over three decades working in the arts, nationally and internationally. So, I thought we would highlight some of those amazing, and creative souls for our first annual PASSION – DIVERSITY IN BEAUTY AND FASHION series at Soulivity.com.

D'angelo Thompson
D'angelo Thompson

I wanted to share the diversity in the world of beauty and fashion because we hear about the lack of diversity. You may be surprised who are the true forces in front of and behind the scenes of major labels.

We chose phenomenal individuals in both industries to focus on throughout September. Whom I've had the pleasure of working with or getting to know personally and professionally for a decade or more. I couldn't possibly highlight every one that I've had the pleasure of sharing some great moments with, but here's a bird's eye view into their lives.

For those being profiled throughout the month of September, you will understand how prolific they are in our culture.  I chose to ask the same group of questions to everyone interviewed and the answers are varied but full of priceless knowledge.

My hope is that you will be inspired and curious when you see the power and innovation in beauty and fashion that so many of you have benefitted from.  This is a celebration of those presented here and for those who have passed the baton to future creatives/generations. May you always know that People of Color, Women, and LGBTQ all have offered immense contributions to the world of beauty and fashion. So, take in each person's immense talent profiled in beauty, fashion, design, public relations, agents, models, production, and illustrators.

You will just be in awe of these amazing humans as I am.

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