Purpose Personified. Pedro Turra of Click Box!

Purpose Personified. Pedro Turra of Click Box!

Music called, and he listened. And, an incredible journey of living began.

From an early age, Brazilian Techno artist and DJ Pedro Turra knew that he wanted to become a music artist.  It was when he heard electronic music (EM) in 1995.  After that, Click Box was born.  From this time, Pedro has amassed quite a legacy of success.  He has been a central part of Richie Hawtin's record label, Minus, where Click Box has released numerous EP's.  Click Box has also continued to produce great records on Silencio, Trapez, Superfreq, Items & Things, Meant, Timbral Records (his label), Unique Community, Ninefont, Noise Music and many others. Since that first experience of EM, Pedro has never stopped, perfecting his craft and touring around the world bringing his unique sound to stages, clubs and open spaces all around the world. (research via Resident Advisor)

We caught up with Pedro in his home of Sao Paulo, Brazil, to talk about his journey and his latest work. Enjoy!

BWJ: You started in music at an early age, how did you get started?

PT: Hello, first of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here today answering these questions.

I started my musical career at 14 years old as DJ. I had a lot of influence from my father who had also been DJ in the past.  So, I was fortunate to grow up in the middle of records, tapes, and K7, as well as, the luck of having a pair of Technic turntables and a Urei mixer in my home. Since I grew up with the music around me, I listened to a lot of rock, funk, and disco in my childhood. This music is still part of my reference points when producing the Click Box tracks. 

BWJ: How did the Click Box concept begin?

PT: I started the Click Box in 2003 after a producing a series of tracks. You see, before that time, I was already listening to minimal music, but still producing Techno and House. After a while, I decided to stop what I was doing so I could give a new direction in my musical career. I went to the studio and made 12 tracks like an album. I showed those tracks to a friend, who advised me to continue and think about the possibility of formatting a Live Act.  At the end of 2004, I called my former member of the Click Box to be a part of the project. After ten years together, I decided to retake the front of the project and be alone again. But, since the beginning, the concept of Click Box was always to make music without being stuck to any aesthetics – always to create a unique aesthetic in which I believe. I have seen over the last 14 years that commitment has given good results around the world.

BWJ: You have collaborated with many great artists, including Richie Hawtin, Alexi Delano, and Magda. What do you like most about these collaborations?

PT: Yes, there have been countless collaborations over the years, and I can tell you that I like it a lot. It's a lot of fun to go into the studio with other artists especially when you are friends. It's a great information exchange, and when there's a connection between the two parts, the result is always special. I LOVE it 🙂

BWJ: We love his latest release, "It's All On," a performance at Broken Castle. What was your inspiration?

PT: This track is a Jam session recorded in my studio. I created some patterns inside my sequencer, totally without direction. I sent some midi, cv, etc. to my analog gear, and from this gear to my analog console and I recorded. In the end, the track sounds like an LSD trip, because that was the whole idea (laugh), something without direction and stay as a lysergic journey.

BWJ: We always ask our guests two important questions. The first is: "What does the word 'passion' mean for you in your life?"

PT: Music, playing, touring, traveling around the world, meeting people, making new friends, new experiences, art, fashion, cooking, my wife, my family, my old friends, my work, my spiritual side, my life, my music!

BWJ: Fantastic. The second is "what does the word 'purpose' mean to you?"

PT: Purpose for me is the combination of all those things from the last question.  Because for me, without those things, I have no purpose in to be live.

BWJ: What is the advice you can share with our community about how to start and maintain a life of living your dreams?

PT: Do your truth, be original, and do not copy the others. Do "you," respect others, surrender yourself to love. Do not forget your past, make every moment your present, and respect and think about your future. Listen to the others, and have an open mind. Be authentic!

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