3 Little Known Tips for Couples Communication

3 Little Known Tips for Couples Communication

Using these tips can support couples long after the vows were said.

Most of the time, the "honeymoon phase" for most couples would last forever if couples did not have to communicate.  Now, this is particularly the case when couples talk about conflict, and even more so when they have to communicate while in conflict. We know this paints a dark picture. But wait, there's good news because here are three couples conflict communication tips we bet your mama didn't tell you about, much less your marriage counselor:

Tip #1: Look in the Mirror

Taking time out for inner reflection and contemplation to assess internal experience is crucial for a successful relationship. It gives you the power to look in the mirror and ask:

"Okay, what's my part in this?"

This tip is priceless because the path to achieving any goal is to have a reality check about whether the current mindset and skill set a person has matches the mindset and skill set necessary to meet the goal or manifest their relationship vision.

How to do it

Here's how to put this tip to work for you. 

Step 1 – Make a list of qualities and characteristics of the mindset and skill set of successful and happy couples in long term marriage and love relationships.

Step 2 – List the qualities of your mindset and skillset for your marriage or current love relationship. 

Then, compare the lists.  Where are the gaps? Commit to filling in the gaps with as much passion as you have for being right.

Tip #2: What can and cannot change?

If you continue to try to change what you cannot, you will end up exhausted, emotionally drained, frustrated, stressed, disappointed and an angry spouse or love mate. This experience could ultimately lead to your marriage or love relationship ending in divorce or breakup.

How to do it

Review the list of the gaps described in Tip #1.  Circle or underline what you can realistically change. 

Hint:  It's not about the other person. 

These items can then become the focus for moving forward.

Tip #3: Take action on what can change 

When a person knows what they can realistically change, they become empowered to move forward toward success.

This one distinction gives hope for both you and the relationship to grow.

How to do it

Develop a vision for the outcome of your relationship. Set goals and objectives to guide your action steps. This process can bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be,  and accomplish the results you desire. 

Bonus Tip

Since you now know three specific steps you can take for your relationship, it's time for your next success steps. Get your free instant access to our Communicate to Connect Video Workshop when you visit http://JesseandMelva.com

The Free Video Series will help you overcome communication problems and connect and re-connect with your partner.

To Your Relationship Success,

Jesse and Melva Johnson

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