A Letter For You

These are special words for our readers from one of our contributors.
A Letter For You

Dear reader,

The time we have in this world is limited. Like the passing seasons of monsoon and spring, life is fleeting. One day you're fifteen, playing under the palm trees by the beach. You're young, and your heart is pure and sweet. Then one day, you're forty, sitting on the kitchen counter preparing lunch for your family. Your heart isn't as gentle as it used to be. Your hair has started to grey and thin out. The wrinkles underneath your eyes are more prominent when you smile. 

Despite everything you've been through, despite every missed opportunity you've faced, and the number of times you've failed, realization dawns upon you like an epiphany – you are exactly where you need to be. There are no delays. The right opportunity arrives at the right time. The right person arrives at the right time. The right achievement occurs at the right time. What's meant for you, already belongs to you.

As you pass through a series of mundane events in life, you start to realize that life is not as complicated as we make it to be.

When we're in school, we worry about getting good grades. When we graduate from college, we worry about getting a job. When we grow old enough to settle down, we worry about finding 'the one.' Why don't we take life as it comes? Love will arrive when love must, and when love arrives, it will be like a blessing in disguise. We're all so concerned about finding 'the one,' but have we ever stopped to wonder if we need to spend the rest of our lives with ourselves first?

To the person with a tired soul, stop being so harsh on yourself. You've survived so many years without falling apart. The things you were afraid of had already happened to you. 

Stop being so harsh on yourself. You've survived decades without falling apart. You've experienced it all: love, loss, and life. You are a human being with a million stories untold. Regrets and mistakes, they're a part of life. They make us human after all. 

If you're someone in his mid-twenties, still trying to figure out his way through life, trying to find a place in this world, I'd offer this piece of advice to you; don't be afraid. 

Don't be afraid of taking chances. 

Don't be afraid of experimenting. 

Don't be afraid of failing. 

Don''t be afraid of falling in love. 

Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith. 

Do more of the things that set your soul on fire. 

Let go of anything that violates your emotions and makes you feel miserable. 

The best years of your life aren't meant to be lived doing a job you despise. 

The best years of your life aren't meant to be lived chasing the ones who take your feelings for granted. 

Life's too short to be TOO careful at times. 

Do more of the things that make you fall in love with the idea of life. 

Do more of the things that make you feel alive. 

Because one day you will be fifty, your fingers will shake and you'd be too old to walk.

When you look back at your life, make sure you're proud of all the things you did rather than regretting the things you didn't do and the chances you didn't take. 

Make sure you've not just existed, but truly lived, experiencing each moment as it passed, grasping the sands of time, and storing it in your heart for a lifetime. 

Love Always, 


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