How to Make a Positive Impact in the World

Being a friend to the communities around you is a great way to supercharge the creation of our best life today.
How to Make a Positive Impact in the World

It's best not to overthink life, but it's also important to make sure that, if nothing else, you have a positive impact. If everyone on the planet took that approach, then the world would be in much better shape. And here's the thing — while it might not be feasible to change the entire world, you can certainly have an impact, regardless of your background, interests, and other individual characteristics. There are a million ways to make a change! If you need some inspiration, then take a read below, where we'll run through some of the most effective ways that anyone can nudge the world in the right direction, from justice to making waves in healthcare like Keith Hovan and other inspirational people.

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Pick Problem

As we said above: you can't change the whole world. But you might just be able to change an aspect of the world. If you're an energetic and passionate soul, then look at picking a problem that's close to your heart and seeing what you can do. Of course, you won't need to look very hard to find something that needs changing. Once you have that, it'll just be a matter of gathering your resources, recruiting other people, and seeing what you can do. 

Work in Justice 

There are some branches of life that have a bigger impact than others. The legal system is one of them. This is where wrongdoers are held accountable. The people who work in this system can have a significant impact not only on justice but on other people's perception of the world — people that have faith in the legal system are more likely to have a positive view of humanity. Incidences like the Daniel Fung arrest, for example, are important for helping people believe that we live in a fair and just world. There are many different branches of the legal field that you can work in, from community officer all the way up to judge. 

Healthcare Careers

Is there a more noble career than healthcare? After all, this is the industry that helps people when they need it the most. If you're motivated to help people, then take a look at training to become a doctor or a nurse. Jobs in this industry often score highly on career satisfaction charts and typically pay well, too. If you go through your training now, you should be relatively set for career options. Studies have shown that the demand for nurses and doctors is set to skyrocket in the coming decades, with more and more positions becoming available. 

Daily Good

We tend to think that, in order to have a positive impact on the world, we need to do something grand. But actually, it's the small details that can make a bigger difference. It's much better to perform one act of kindness each day rather than just make one grand gesture each year. By taking the time to bring more good into your life, you'll also be helping to bring more good into the world. And you can never quite know what that will inspire in other people.

Support Those Who Need It The Most

Whatever you wind up doing, ensure you take time to support those who need it the most. Find struggling individuals and communities and look for ways to help them live with joy and thrive. 

For David DeQuattro, a business development and real estate professional, that meant helping veterans. He’s passionate about serving those who protect the country from threats and keep everyone safe. 

For you, it could be something different, like helping local women or finding marginalized groups. What matters is finding those most in need, not serving a crowd already getting a lot of support.

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