Successful People and Their Relationships

Successful People and Their Relationships

Jesse P. Johnson and 

Melva J. Thomas-Johnson

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It is commonly believed by some that if you want to be successful you have to make a choice between your vocation and your mate. Many choose their careers over their mate and/or family to their own detriment. "What," we ask, "does it profit a person to gain the whole world and lose a loving connection with their significant companion and/or children?" You may be highly successful in your career, financially set, and held in the highest esteem among your peers and your community. However, what if your significant relationship has fallen apart and your children's lives are a disaster? Are you truly happy with all the trappings while your family has fallen apart? Probably not!

Unfortunately, many individuals come to this realization too late to turn things around. Their partner has left and may have found love elsewhere, their children barely speak to them, and whatever they have accumulated financially has been spent paying divorce attorneys, property settlements, as well as spousal and child support fees. It is a sad situation and it didn't have to be this way.

It is essential that couples clearly define what success means to them. It is likely that it will mean different things for each couple. Being successful in your relationship and career is determined by your core values. What do you value? What is important to you? What do you want for your mate and children to achieve? Toward achieving your goals, what is acceptable and what is not? These are just a few questions you may want to ask yourself.

In our view, individuals cannot be truly happy or successful if their lives are out of kilter. Time and energy must be balanced in a way that accommodates one's career as well as partner and family. This requires a commitment to family and work as well as good organizational skills. It is impossible, at least in our opinion, for a person to be truly happy and fulfilled unless they are successful both at home as well as work. This includes taking personal time to relax, have fun, enjoy hobbies, pursue learning and other things of personal interest, and have quality time for your mate, children, family, and friends.

Are there challenges? Yes! The biggest challenge is often how to manage getting everything done that needs to get done on a daily basis. This is where managing your time and being organized is of such critical importance. It can be achieved, sometimes, with varying degrees of success. One day, things may work out pretty well. The next day, things may not. What is important is your overall record of success and the fact that those who love you see you doing your very best. Keep in mind that it's not always the amount of time you spend with your loved ones, but rather the quality of the time you spend with them.

Here are a few tips for balancing your relationship with the other important aspects of life:

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