When the birds start chirping and the temperatures begin to rise, you know that spring is on its way! It’s time to get outdoors and spring into shape with ways to workout outdoors after winter. You’ll enjoy the sunshine while exercising. It’s a win-win!

Join a Cycling or Running Group

Meeting up with people who will hold you accountable is a great way to get back outside and work out this spring. Plus, joining a group allows you to exercise and socialize simultaneously. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and pass the time with friends. What could be better?


This idea is especially fantastic if you’re new to an area. You’ll meet new people who enjoy your favorite hobby.

Explore the Area by Hiking

What a fabulous way to change up your exercise routine! Find a new trail and enjoy the day hiking. Make sure you bring along plenty of water and sunblock to stay hydrated and sun-safe while you’re outdoors.

It’s also a fantastic reminder of what nature has to offer after staying inside all winter long. Take along a group of friends or family to join if you’re unsure about hiking alone.

Get a Pet

Adopting a dog is a great reason to start enjoying daily walks. It benefits your dog and you! You’ll both look forward to that special time together with nature.

If you’re not ready to become a dog owner, sign up to foster dogs or volunteer as a dog walker at a local animal shelter.

Create an Outdoor Workout Routine

The routine may take some trial and error, but there are plenty of ways to strengthen your body outside the gym. It can be fun to let your creative side out while putting together a unique outdoor routine specifically for you.

Splurge and get yourself some new workout clothes. The new clothes will get you excited to start your new routine! Look for clothing made with cotton spandex because it has many great benefits.

Decide which of these ways to workout outdoors after winter resonates with you, and you can always switch things up to avoid boredom. The most important thing is that move. When the sun is shining, you’ll want to go outside, soak up the sunshine, and move your body.