Montana's Big Sky Secrets (And Why Everyone Wants To Travel To The State)

This state's beautiful landscape with wide, varying outdoor activities make it a perfect vacation getaway.
Montana's Big Sky Secrets (And Why Everyone Wants To Travel To The State)
Photo by David Morris on Unsplash

Montana is one of the US’s largest and emptiest states – empty of people, that is. If you travel there, you’ll be entreated to some of the most magnificent landscapes in the country, putting practically everywhere else to shame. 

What’s so wonderful about Montana is that it feels like a wild frontier but it is still very much a part of the western world. Going there is a semi-spiritual experience for most travelers. 
So what are Montana’s “big sky” secrets and why do so many people want to go there?

The Wildflower Blooms

Montana offers thousands of square miles of open prairie, mountain landscapes, and stunning gorges. As such, the state is a wonderland of wildflower blooms, particularly in the spring and summer. Multi-colored petals emerge from trillions of buds, creating a carpet-like effect that is breathtaking to behold. In some places, it almost looks like a stitched quilt, stretching on for what seems like an infinity.

The Horseback Riding

Another of Montana’s big draws is its epic horseback riding. The state offers more rugged terrain than you could explore in a lifetime.

The cool thing about the state today is that it preserves many of the trails forged by early pioneers. Steeds and their riders make their way along dirt and rock paths that snake their way through the mountains over hundreds of miles. 

If you don’t feel like a confident wagoneer but still want a taste of what Montana offers, plenty of tour guides are available in the larger towns. These provide you with one-on-one guidance and sometimes explain features along the route or stories of adventurers who traveled the same paths historically.

The Charming Small Towns

Montana is also somewhere people love to visit because of its abundance of charming small towns. Friendly locals and a laid-back atmosphere make it an appealing destination for city-dwellers desperate to experience old-fashioned life again. 
Places, like the Hop Lounge, reflect the state’s overall attitude. Life is about friendships, family, and having a good time.

The Native American Heritage

You might also want to check out some of the Native American heritage in Montana. The state is home to indigenous cultures who remember their history through museums, events, and cultural experiences. Many people who were originally on the land moved away during the colonial era but then moved back to rescue their culture. This aspect of the state’s history provides a fascinating insight into how people lived before the Europeans arrived.

Peaceful Retreats

As you might expect from the landscape, Montana is also a land of peaceful retreats. People flock to the region from all over the country to benefit from the solace and serene beauty it offers. 

You can find retreats all over the state, some temporary; others permanent. Booking fees vary.

The Stargazing

A final aspect of Montana worth considering is the star-gazing opportunities it offers. Thanks to an almost total lack of urbanization, it’s one of the best places to bask in the glow of the Milky Way in the whole of North America.

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