The History of the Traffic Cone – Ensuring The Safety Of Your Customers

The History of the Traffic Cone – Ensuring The Safety Of Your Customers

There are not many pieces of equipment allowed on the public roads these days, or ever. There is however, one piece of equipment that you will often see and it has been around for more than 80 years. This is of course, the trusty traffic cone. It was originally invented to keep cars away from wet paint on the roads, these days it is used for much more than that. It is used to keep cars and pedestrians away from road works, to separate lanes on motorways, and to signify any imminent sign of danger. 

Before the traffic cone you see today was invested, big wooden barriers and tripods were erected. These were often missed and commonly broken if people crashed into them. They were also bulky and cumbersome to store and relocate. Would you believe there is even a huge 18 feet monument of a traffic cone in Seattle. Another interesting fact about traffic cones is that it is in fact an offense to steal one or intentionally run one over. 

If you are wanting to start a business and ensure it stands the test of time then there are many things you need to do. One priority for your company should be the safety of your staff and customers. If anything happens within your business or on your site then you can be held liable. You could create a car park for your customers to use so they have somewhere safe to park if they want to visit your business. If you need to cone off an area of your business or car park then you can get these from the traffic safety store. Take a look at the infographic to find out many more interesting facts about the humble traffic cone and how it can help you.

infographic designed by Traffic Safety Store

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