A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding CBD

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding CBD

An all-around debated topic is the use and practicalities of CBD. As the market continues to grow and face increased demands, more people are beginning to take an interest in the advantages of the highly discussed breakthrough. One of the unique features of CBD is its ability to reach a wide range of demographics through all the consumer products it can become.

Let's look at the various forms of CBD you can purchase today and their essential functions!

What Is CBD?

It's vital to understand what CBD is and what it can do from a wellness standpoint before diving into the market to purchase. One of the most common extraction methods for CBD is CO2 extraction, which ensures a high potency rate and maintains a high-value efficiency rate.

A licensed and trusted operator takes the plant compounds through a supercritical process and extracts the cannabidiol properties from a hemp plant (the cousin of cannabis). This oil compound will undergo various procedures to become the final product that consumers are familiar with. It's essential to note that CBD is not the same as THC, and THC is the compound that triggers psychoactive effects, while CBD does not have any psychoactive properties or effects.


With all the various forms of CBD you can purchase today, an edible is one of the most popular. These allow a consumer to eat or drink their CBD, and the body must metabolize the components before the full effects kick in.

The rate at which one can metabolize an edible varies on many factors, such as body mass and fat cells. Popular variations to the edible market include teas, gummies, and chocolates.


A less popular but quick-action method of consuming CBD is vaporizing. This comes with unique risks, such as the chance for lung damage, but inhalation is effective in instances of immediate relief.

There is the option of sublingual extracts under the tongue that provide the same quick relief as vapor but cut out the risk of lung damage.

Lotions and Creams

Lotions and creams function similarly to edibles in their ability to deliver relief. Some say they feel immediate effects, and others claim it takes several hours to feel the benefits.

Topical forms of CBD come in oils, lotions, and creams and carry a variety of fragrances. Generally, these forms work best on joint pain or subcutaneous ailments where discomfort occurs.

Regardless of your preferred method, CBD can offer a wide variety of benefits through a personalized user experience. Ensure you perform thorough research before making your purchase and ask your vendor all the appropriate questions.

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