Behind the Scenes – The Magic of Movie Soundtracks

Behind the Scenes – The Magic of Movie Soundtracks

This concert was a first on the list of big movie-based events in Hungary and we are glad to say it turned out almost perfectly.

Author: Lilla Kurta

All around the world, it is a universal truth that everybody loves movies. But, the thing that gets an even bigger platform is the soundtracks of these films.  John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard or the late James Horner are all huge names in the industry.  Here in Hungary, they weren't really in the spotlight yet, though last year Hans Zimmer himself arrived in Budapest to give a big concert. It was a huge success, and everyone could see that people here (just like in other countries) love film music.  And, the idea for this concert was born.

Planning this event was a massive undertaking because of the age differences of the performers. Our youngest little boy was only seven years old, and he is already a real talent in playing the drums. While our oldest member was a 72 years old very nice lady, she sings as part of the choir.

The youngsters of Strém Kálmán orchestra were responsible for bringing legendary scores to life, like the theme music of Star Wars, Forrest Gump or The Lord of the Rings. Their leader, Arpad Jakobovics, teaches in the local music school. This orchestra is a local favorite and founded in 1995. This competition-winning group has a really good relationship with the Finns.

Ritmus Choir had a blast during the concert.  Their Hungarian version of the world famous "I Will Follow Him" from the movie, Sister Act, was probably one of the biggest success of the night.  And, their closing song "When You Believe" from The Prince of Egypt made everyone a little weepy.  Their music leader, Katalin Ernszt, was the founder of the choir ten years ago, and they still have the same people working with them. Though tragedy struck the choir in January when Katalin's beloved husband passed away, they were right back in business after a period of mourning. Their enthusiastic dedication brought them great success at the end of the concert.

While I was the main organizer of this tribute concert event, I also took a role as solo singer, performing songs like "Beauty and the Beast" and "God Help The Outcasts."  It was my lifelong dream to organize this type of event.  I am a huge movie maniac, and I truly believe in the power of music composers –  a movie is only as powerful as its original soundtrack.  It was a night to remember with a full house!  Shortly, we will work on another event to pay tribute to other great film composers and their wonderful melodies.

Behind the Scenes – The Magic of Movie Soundtracks

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Hungarian artist Lilla Kurta tried out on a variety of art fields before the drawing and painting area.  Being a serious film addict, her pieces show this side of her heart.   She says, "to those who would like to learn to draw or paint, keep on practicing, hard work does pay out in the end."  You find more of Lilla's work by following her on social media: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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