Sade (The Remixes) (A Soulful House Mix)

Sade (The Remixes) (A Soulful House Mix)

Get Your Groove On!

It was March 16, 1993; and, a night I will never forget it. I witnessed the best concert performance I've ever seen!  In Detroit, Michigan, the world famous Fox Theater featured (none other than) the great, Ms. Sade Adu. It was the "Love Deluxe" Tour.  She performed with her always "tight" band, Sade, and their incredibly talented leader, Stuart Mathewman (of Sweetback fame).  Since I first heard "Why Can't We Live Together" blasting on a lonely street corner, I have loved this group. But, it was this concert which took me to another level: FAN. As Sade sang "Haunt Me," "Pearls", "Cherry Pie" and "Like A Tattoo", it was complete musical heaven.

Since then, I always wanted to capture Sade's "essence" with a house mix.   But, the question was always, "which tunes to play?" Well, I think I've come up with a pretty good playlist, featuring some incredible remixes, B-Sides, and groovy edits. And, I hope this mix will do "Team Sade" the tad-bit of the musical justice they so rightfully deserve!

DJ SPIVEY is a Detroit-born DJ and artist.  With dozens of passion-filled mixes, he covers beautiful landscapes from jazz to latin to deep house/techno music grooves.  His own brand of dance music would prompt him to start mixing on the web via YouTube and Soundcloud channels, acquiring a hefty following over the years.

You can find his music here:

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