Actor.  Tennis Player.  Hostage.  Mayor.  These are just a few of the incredible people who are part of the BBC’s annual installment of 100 Women 2016.  This rich and diverse series of stories interweave the world’s tapestries with humor, heart, and thoughtfulness.  For one hundred days, you can hear or watch the interviews with women from a wide range of backgrounds.  We are brought into close view of their lives; given a brief glimpse of their souls; and, shared the experiences which define them.

This week, Denise No. She was once one of the biggest stars in Asia. Now, she has become a principal leader and figure in the pro-democracy movement and resistance to the main Chinese government in Beijing.  An incredible story of heroism and the fight for freedom.


For more about the series and other information, please be sure to check out the BBC 100 Women website here.