7 Signs that You Might Be Drinking Contaminated Water

7 Signs that You Might Be Drinking Contaminated Water

While everyone needs to drink water for their health, did you know that contaminated water has hazardous health effects? Whether it's chemicals, minerals, or other forms of pollutants, these can be pretty dangerous. In fact, this is so dangerous that lawsuits needed to happen as people were dealing with contaminated water in their homes. You can visit this website to learn more information. But how do you know if your water is contaminated? How can you feel confident in this? While you could easily have it tested by a lab, not everyone is going to have the funds, time, or energy to do this. So, here are some signs that you may be drinking contaminated water.

The Water is Cloudy

If your water has a cloudy appearance, then this is a sure sign that it may be contaminated. Regular water for drinking should always be clear. While drinking this type of water may not immediately give signs such as affect allergies or instantly give stomach aches, it's best to assess it visually for safety before trying to drink it.

Orange or Brown Color

A sheer indicator of contaminated water would be its color of it itself. As stated above, drinking water needs to be clear, as this is the best way to judge if it is safe or not. If you see colors such as brown or orange, then this can denote that there is a high percentage of manganese or iron in your water. How does this happen? Well, it's mostly due to rusty water pipes.


If you see sediment in your water, then this can be a good indicator that there is a break somewhere in the water main. Sediment is a part of the water supply. However, adequate water treatment should filter it to where it doesn't appear in the water. So, if you see this, you can be confident knowing that this drinking water is contaminated.

Metallic Taste

Clean drinking water doesn't have any flavor to it. If you notice that out of the blue, your water has a bitter, almost metallic taste to it, then you can count on it containing harmful substances such as medication, industrial chemicals, pesticides, or something else.

Chlorine Smell

Just as a swimming pool will have chlorine to kill off bacteria, the same can be said about the drinking water at water treatment facilities. They use this to help kill bacteria. This alone isn't a bad thing, but during the treatment process, this could mean that large amounts of chlorine make it into the water supply. This can cause serious health issues including intestinal pain. If you smell chlorine, then make sure not to drink the water.

Oily Film

If your bathtub, shower pan, toilet, or sink has an oily film, this can be an indicator that there is grease or oil in your water supply. This usually happens from leaks and poor filtration.

Rusted Silverware

If your silverware or sink has been experiencing some rust, then this means that your water has too much iron in it.

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