How To Navigate Spirituality as a Beginner

How To Navigate Spirituality as a Beginner

Spirituality, for many people, is something that is a topic they wouldn't dare touch with a barge pole! But the fact is that there are aspects of spirituality that don't involve you giving yourself over to a higher power. In fact, a lot of it is about improving your sense of self.

Spirituality has been adopted in terms of religion and is touted by people who are happier to devote themselves to high power. The fact is that spirituality is a journey that has been going on for thousands of years with billions of people seeking it, with and without a god. So what does it really take for us to explore spirituality on our own terms?

Understand Your Journey

Whether you are trying to seek a sense of connection with God or are looking for something that gives you more meaning in life, the reality is that you should not accept the teachings of other people, even those that you are closest to. The importance of trusting your gut is vital. So many people give themselves over to chance or want life to do the heavy lifting for them, but this is why many people will embark on a psychic reading, because they want to know that everything is going to be ok.

The solution is about undergoing your own journey and having faith that what you will do is going to be for your benefit. This is why you have to trust in your journey, otherwise, it will not be for your benefit.


Delving into any form of spirituality requires practice. Whether you want to embrace prayer, meditation, or do something like yoga, the fact is that spiritual growth, however you define it, is mastered through practice.

Because if you go in one specific direction, and you don't find the solutions you need, going in a different direction will take more effort, energy, and time, but practice will always make perfect. We have to remember that the journey helps us learn lessons along the way.

When we arrive at the end, we know the journey will have been worthwhile, even if it didn't feel like it after time.

Use Your Character

When we start with a journey, we all have to recognize that we have unique gifts; whether it's a sense of humor, self-discipline, or compassion, we have to use these as motivations to pursue our sense of spirituality. When you start out on a journey, you've got to start with the first step, and the first step should be whatever rings true to you.

If you are someone who is incredibly compassionate, you could open your eyes to the injustices of the world going on around you, you can volunteer at a homeless shelter, and you could do so much to get to grips with this thing they call spirituality.

Not Everybody Is Right

You may find yourself wandering in and out of churches or looking for insight on YouTube, but the fact is that everybody is going to say their one method is the right method. We need to be very skeptical about how this notion of a God changes from one person to another. It is our own specific vision of what God is or is not and, we have to remember that when people are shouting the one true way a lot of what comes with it is window dressing and thousands of years of tradition.

Religion is something that comes with a lot of blind faith, especially in so many areas of the Bible. Because there are so many contradictory aspects of the Bible, this one book may make sense to some people, but if it doesn't make sense to you- you don't have to follow the teachings.

You have to remember that not everybody is right; it's just that they all have a specific interpretation of what has gone on.

Do Not Worry About Unanswered Questions

You may think that there has to be an answer, otherwise what's the point of the journey? But when we are on the topic of spirituality, it's something that we've got to let go of. We can't solve the mysteries of the universe.

After all, if we had the answers to everything, there would be no such thing as philosophy, but it would probably make life pretty dull. So instead, think about what it really takes to increase your journey.

The fact is that spirituality is something that has to ring true to the individual. Whether this means doing yoga or having the opportunity to sit in silence or asking questions about the world and the universe, spirituality is an amazing starting point to make you happier within yourself.

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