Academic Preparation – Do Grades Matter?

Academic Preparation – Do Grades Matter?

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." – Malcolm X

Five years from now, most of the students will be done with college or some of them will still be in college. Some of them will pursue a career in medicine while others will pursue a career in law. Some of them will be entrepreneurs while others will be media professionals. Some of them will pursue a career in tech while others will pursue an art career. 

As a student, throughout your academic preparation, keeping in mind these three simple rules will help you attain success in your educational pursuits. 

Rule Number 1. Commitment

It is when you set a goal for yourself to achieve a certain grade, you have to remain dedicated to that goal, no matter how difficult it might seem. As you graduate high school and enter the professional world, you will face hurdles, setbacks, and obstacles. The truth about education is that you will not be able to succeed unless you remain consistent with your goals. Without hard work, dedication, and commitment, your dreams are merely dreams, unless you work towards turning them into a reality. 

Rule Number 2. Sacrifice

It is one of the most difficult rules in academic preparation because this is where the majority of students slip and let their grades deteriorate. When you set a goal for yourself, you have to spend all of your time and energy perfecting your craft. In order to gain something, you will always have to lose another thing. If you want to attain success in your academic preparation, you will have to sacrifice extra fun on the weekends, and sometimes, even family vacations. 

Rule Number 3. Resilience

It is the backbone of academic preparation because it allows you to remain patient even if you receive countless rejection letters from your dream college or if you attain a grade lower than your expectations. Whether you aspire to pursue medicine, engineering, chemistry, creative writing, or arts, you will fail at some point in your academic journey. However, just because you failed in school, does not mean you failed in life.

Life is full of opportunities and second chances. Just because you did not attain the grades of your expectations, does not mean you cannot try again. Just because you're bad at one thing, does not mean you aren't good at something else.

Just because you're bad at chemistry, does not mean you aren't good at biology. Someone might have the most terrible grades in their science subjects, but he might be an excellent athlete. Someone in this room might have terrible writing skills, but he'd be very skilled in mathematics. 

Albert Einstein once said, "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." I firmly believe that each individual in this world has something special to offer to the world through their skills, whether it is through writing, art, politics, dancing, medicine, technology, social working, learning, or problem-solving. The world is filled with endless opportunities for those who are wise enough to see those opportunities and seize them.  

Find out what it is that you love doing, and go after it, chase it, and nurture your skills in that field. Study those courses, take extra classes to learn more about that one subject that intrigues you. Whether it is history, biology, mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, political science, journalism, or literature.

The world is evolving, and new careers are being created every single day. They don't say that these years of your life are the most important for no reason. The education you pursue today will build your foundation of success for tomorrow. Your grades do matter. They will help you get into college, which will help you attain your dream job and become a useful member of your community. 

Your grades are important, but they do not define your self-worth. They do not define you as a human being. What makes you human is how you treat others, and yourself. It is quite sad to see students committing suicide every day because they couldn't score the grades of their expectations, not knowing that they will always have a second chance at improving their grades. Each one of you sitting in this room right now has hope for a better future.

'Some of you might know what college major you'd pursue while others are still discovering their skills for their future careers. As you're going through the different stages of academic preparation, it is important to know that you will not always achieve the grades you had hoped to achieve, and you will not always get into your dream college. What matters is if you don't give up. 

Your failures do not define you. But what you do with those failures, matters. Do you want to take your mistakes and make them better? Or do you want to spend the best years of your life regretting over what could've been if you had only mustered up a little more courage to follow your academic pursuits despite the setbacks you faced? 

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