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This week in our Muses section, I want to personally feature my dear friend, DJ Spivey. His beautifully unique and creative music mixes invoke joy, fun, and happiness within the soul.  This is his passion and gift to all of us.  These sounds take each of us to a different time and place, where are heart truly lives and sings!


This music mix features (as his Youtube channel states), “…soulful house gems from top to bottom! Starting with Jayclectic featuring: Dana Weaver with their brand new smash “Met You Yet” followed by Bangers by Sheree Hicks, Roland Clark, Black Coffee and Mr. Josh Milan with his Jam: “I Will Wait” to name only a few. So if you need a little ‘Soulful Pick Me Up’ plug in and get ready to Groove!!!”


dj-spiveyDJ SPIVEY is a Detroit-born DJ and artist.  With dozens of passion-filled mixes, he covers beautiful landscapes from jazz to latin to deep house/techno music grooves.  His own brand of dance music would prompt him to start mixing on the web via YouTube and Soundcloud channels, acquiring a hefty following over the years.

You can find his music here:

DJ Spivey – YouTube / DJ Spivey – Facebook / DJ Spivey – Soundcloud

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