About Howard Caesar

Howard Caesar has been speaking, teaching and inspiring audiences with his transformational spiritual messages since his twenties. Recognized as a leader in his field, he has served and built two large ministries. The most recent was in Houston, Texas where he served for 30 plus years. His positive, practical, progressive approach to spirituality has empowered thousands of people to live happier, more prosperous and fulfilling lives.

Howard’s Personal Philosophy

Every person is first and foremost an eternal spiritual being.  They are in the process of growing in conscious awareness of the truth that their Real Self is Spirit, which is whole, free and perfect.

The true nature of God is love and goodness.  Its Presence is found in ALL THAT IS.  Everything is alive with God’s life energy.

“Either we learn to master our mind, or it becomes master over us. Either we learn to use it properly or it will use us. All conflict is a product of the mind, unmanaged and lost in the separation of the Truth of God and our True Selves. Wisdom is found in the heart and will show the way back to peace, love, and joy.

…I believe that whatever the circumstances or situation of the world or a person’s life, that through perseverance in living the principles, and following inner guidance, things do shift to the good, and the Light will always win in the end.”

Howard has traveled the world, led pilgrimages to other lands, presenting uplifting messages to tens of thousands via radio, TV, and the internet, always communicating inclusivity, diversity, love, and oneness.

Howard and his wife, Diane, have three grown children, three grandchildren and reside in Sugar Land, Texas.

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Website: HowardCaesar.com
Book: One + One is One – Making Oneness a Way of Life