About Jennifer Winn Johnson

In her new book, Jennifer Winn Johnson shares what started out as a personal challenge for the author turns out to be a gut-wrenching, self-exploration through Spain, where the author walked 500 miles to find herself. Along the trails of the famed Camino de Santiago of Spain, Jennifer shed her false self, layer by layer.  At the end of her walk, She embraced the authentic beautiful woman she longed to be. “An Awakening Walk-500 miles to Self-Love and Acceptance on the Camino De Santiago” is the narrative of the pilgrimage that shook Jennifer to her core, and out of her old shell. Stripped of the layers of self-recrimination and self-judgment, Her heart broke wide open. Jennifer learned to embrace those sides of herself that were banished out of shame, fear, and social conditioning.

Her book is a brutally honest tale.  The story of one woman’s dogged tenacity to break through the barrier of her own self-exile of conforming and bending to the will of others.  Her triumphant success was deliverance into unconditional self-love.

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Website: Winn Journeys – Spirited Travel
Book: An Awakening Walk – 500 Miles to Self-Love & Acceptance on the Camino de Santiago